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Algoma's Water Tower Inn gains international fame

By David Helwig
Friday, February 20, 2004

SooToday's exclusive coverage of today's brief closure of the courtyard foot bridge at Algoma's Water Tower Inn, and Steve Storozuk's sort-of-heroic efforts to clear a path across it with his shovel, are featured tonight on the satirical website

At time of writing (11:30 p.m. Friday) more than 5,000 Farkers had joined the thousands of Saultites clicking on our article.

And people from all over were engaged in a vigorous debate about Canada, the Sault and

To see the article that tickled Fark's fancy, please click here.

Some sample comments lifted from their site:

"SNOW! what is this mythical white stuff people talk about?" - mylo in Aridzona

"Wow....oh no...a bridge was closed. Thank goodness for that one 'staffer' guy. The entire economy could have collapsed if he hadn't saved the day." - MrFlibble

"You know it's a slow news day when, not only is this NEWS, but they have a PHOTOGRAPHER sent there to shoot pictures." - Kryptonic Silencer

"I think every day in Canada is a slow news day. Check out the main page. Three (count 'em, three!!) stories about bridges. Soo Today: all the bridge news that's fit to print." - Messy Girl

"Someone should beat the crap out of the reporter that brought us this story. I am normally not a violent person, but I feel dumber now that I have read this article." - Mike in Seattle

"That scary part is the stuff they AREN'T reporting about this story....For instance, no mention of the troll that lives under the aforementioned footbridge, nor of its alien origins. They totally left out the part where Michael Jackson was seen helping young boys across the footbridge and the subsequent disappearance of said boys. And, most ominously, the fact that that last time this particular footbridge was closed due to this much snow, a MINI ICE AGE occured that took the entire planet into the Dark Ages and set back civilisation by centuries. You see, a little investigation into these types of fluff pieces can really turn up some ghastly facts." Bliad the Impaler

"Wow this story is so amazingly amazing that I think I'm going to impale myself on a hoover vacuum cleaner." - I'm probably wrong about this but...

"OH MY GOD! It's my hometown! And this sort of news is about the speed of it. When I was a kid and we were coming home from a road trip my brother and I would compete to see who could see the water tower (of 'Algoma's Water Tower Inn' fame) first. The whole of the Soo appears to be full of Farkers! Or at least one who mods the Sootoday website. That follow-up article is awesome. Greetings Soo brethren! Eat a mess of food at Minelli's for me! Great Italian food, beautiful gardens and a really lovely waterfront. For such a dinky place it's not so bad. Certainly much better than its evil twin, Soo, Michigan." - ruta

"They are on to us guys. Follow up article. Now showing up on Fark is big news in the Soo, we may very well have corrupted them. The least he could have done is included the link I spent a whole 15 seconds making. Or give a shout out to Melly and Marcie in the Soo for me. For the record, I originally submitted this link, and now fear I may have created an international incident and have to go on Conan and talk about wetting the bed or something. - Big Merl

To read more of what the Farkers are saying about us, please click here.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: For the benefit of our many visitors from, we'd like to explain that 'please' (as used in the above sentence) is a quaint linguistic anachronism that's somehow managed to survive here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We're quite proud of our beautiful little community, where metrosexuals are officially banned, everyone has good haircuts and all of the news is either about snow, our distinguished and dignified politicians, or really bad traffic accidents)
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