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Column: welcomes Dr. W. Gifford-Jones

Wednesday, April 16, 2014   by: Staff is tickled pink to announce the latest addition to our stable of fine columnists.

Starting today, Dr. W. Gifford-Jones (AKA Dr. Ken Walker) will bring his popular weekly medical column to our site.

A nationally-syndicated columnist and author, Gifford-Jones has been imparting his straightforward wisdom to readers for decades.

The following is his first piece for us.



Death by measles?

How would you react if your unvaccinated child or grandchild died from measles?

No doubt your response would be one of agonizing grief.

What you wouldn’t know is that this personal tragedy did not have to happen in 2014.

Unfortunately, I bet not one doctor in a thousand knows how Dr. Frederick Klenner successfully treated this viral infection over 60 years ago.

Doctors are not the only ones unaware of Dr. Klenner.

One of Canada’s leading newspapers recently reported that there was no specific antiviral treatment for this highly infectious disease.

It was wrong.

This newspaper editor committed a major error by not reading history.

Worldwide measles has been in the past one of the major causes of death among young children.

It’s estimated that before the measles vaccine became available nearly three million children died every year from this disease.

Today, in this country about 95 percent of children are vaccinated against measles.

But in some areas the rate drops as low as 50 percent making these children highly susceptible to this infection.

Particularly, when they travel abroad and bring the virus back home or when foreigners carry it to North America.

Now, several cases of measles have appeared in various parts of Canada.

Measles should not be looked on as a minor disease, as death occurs in about one to two percent of cases.

Moreover, the complications are far from minor ones.

Some children develop pneumonia, severe diarrhea and dehydration, encephalitis with swelling of the brain and in some cases blindness.

What a tragedy when a vaccine to eradicate it has been available for years.

So who is Dr. Frederick Klenner?

He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine in 1936 and entered private practice in Reidsville, South Carolina.

He believed that natural remedies were safer than drugs.

In the ‘Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C” Dr. Lendon H. Smith outlines numerous cases on how Dr. Klenner quickly cured a variety of viral diseases by the use of intravenous vitamin C.

He reports of a ten-month-old baby with high fever, watery nose, dry cough, red eyes and rash characteristic of measles.

Dr Klenner gave the baby 1,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C every four hours and the temperature dropped, the cough stopped and the rash disappeared.   

Another eight-year-old child with measles developed encephalitis, became  stuporous and responded only to pain.

He quickly cured the child by both intravenous and oral vitamin C.

A 23-year-old man with mumps developed swollen testicles, the size of tennis balls, along with overwhelming pain.

After 1,000 mg of intravenous vitamin C the pain subsided.

During the next 24 hours he was given 2,000 mg of intravenous C every two hours.

His fever returned to normal in 36 hours and he was up and about in 60 hours.

Dr. Lendon Smith describes how Klenner discovered that intravenous C could also quickly dry up chicken pox lesions and subdue viral hepatitis.

But Dr. Klenner’s most important study involved the great polio epidemic of 1948-50.

He successfully treated 60 polio victims using intravenous doses of vitamin C, up to 200,000 mg every 12 hours for four days.

None developed paralysis.

He soon learned that the sicker the patient the higher the dose required.

Vitamin C works by entering all cells where it neutralizes toxins and viruses.

It’s been aptly said that “Unless white blood cells are saturated with vitamin C, they are like soldiers without bullets.”

It is hard to know how this renewal of measles virus in Canada will end.

Some people with measles fail to following instructions to isolate themselves from others and will spread the infection.

But how tragic that some may die due to the dust collecting on the work of Dr. Klenner.  

Critics claim that vitamin C is ineffective.

But they’re all making the same error of failing to use sufficient amounts for a sufficient period of time.

Klenner’s advice to doctors was right to the point.

He said he had never seen a patient who could not benefit by vitamin C. He added that while doctors are pondering the diagnosis, they should be giving plenty of vitamin C.

See the website For comments

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
YourFutureNurse 4/16/2014 11:25:26 AM Report

This was a good read, and I have heard about high doses of vitamin C curing certain illnesses before. I still would highly advise parents to vaccinate their children however :)
IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 1:30:26 PM Report

How did any of my comments run contrary to any of SooToday's policies and why were they removed?
IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 1:36:13 PM Report

The 'nurse' is advising you vaccinate your kids while Dr. Klenner takes the far safer approach and I am simply linking to research that proves not only the ineffectiveness of vaccines but their high toxicity and link to autism so that you may decide for yourself and your family.

HBGB 4/16/2014 1:55:26 PM Report

Awesome! I loved reading his articles in the Sault Star.
jimbob 4/16/2014 2:37:49 PM Report

I have tried to do a bit of research on the availability of injectable Vitamin C and have been unable to find a source or an MD who would prescribe it. Anyone know anything more?
IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 2:44:33 PM Report

jimbob the at home version is called 'liposomal vitamin C'

Here's a couple YT recipes
Just Curious 4/16/2014 2:45:31 PM Report

Ignorantnorterner, Your name kinda says it all, either here on the blueroom pages...
IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 3:08:50 PM Report

Yeah I thought reflects the general view of Saultites to let authority figures do their thinking for them, rather than doing any research when it comes to an important issue, like say, what you put inside your body, or your kid's bodies -- even when the primary journals are a click away.

You have to ignore A LOT of evidence demonstrating the ineffectiveness of vaccines and a few hundred years of history showing mercury to be pretty toxic stuff to believe BigPharma has your best interests at heart.

I invite you to refute any of the evidence I have provided, but I expect instead you'll just throw ad hominems.

young guy 4/16/2014 7:19:22 PM Report

Ignorant Northerner,

You're not an authority figure to most people. And why should you be?

Not ALL people who get vaccinated for measles develop autism. In fact, it's probably a small amount of people.

The article states:
"It’s estimated that before the measles vaccine became available nearly three million children died every year from this disease.

Today, in this country about 95 percent of children are vaccinated against measles. "

So with the reasearch that you have done personally; what is the ratio percentage of those people that develop autism from this particular vaccine, compared to the people who get vaccinated and therefore don't die from measles? Also consider the ratio of how many millions of lives are saved by being vaccinated compared to how many people die from autism.

Just asking.
IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 8:12:42 PM Report

Good question, young guy.

Let me first say that I was only trying to establish that there does seem to be a link between vaccinations and autism. I heard ppl whose opinions mattered less to me than dirt (Jenny McCarthy, Michelle Bachmann and some others) tell me that vaccines had caused autism in children AND I LAUGHED. It seemed totally implausible to me. In the years since, I've come across so many alleged cases and multiple primary sources that I can no longer deny a link.

I think the rate depends on a lot of things.
Firstly, every vaccine is tough on your immune system. If you bunch them together that can seem to overload the system and it would seem easier to do in infants and children than in adults.
Secondly, it seems to be the mercury affecting the autism rate as opposed to some of the other crap in the vaccine, so while I've yet to come across a 'clean' non toxic, non GMO vaccine some do exclude thimerosol so their expected autism rate would drop. Measles vaccines have not dropped it yet from what I can tell.

As far as measles tells me there has been 330 reported cases of measles between 2000-2012. There doesn't seem to have been a single death due to measles from what I can tell, either in the US or Canada over that time. "Well, that's because everyone is vaccinated and it works so good!" I would respond that the vaccination rate has risen every year and right now is around 95%, so that leaves millions of unvaccinated kids over that timeframe, only a few thousand measles cases over a decade plus in USA/Canada and not one death.

Simply put, your infant is more likely to drown in the pool or drink up some cleaning supplies or choke and suffocate than they are to die from measles.

...and I don't doubt that that is in part due to measles vaccines. It has certainly saved lives....but measles mortality was trending downwards long before our first vaccine and seems to coincide with the widespread use of sterilization techniques (which spread faster to wealthier countries).

IgnorantNortherner 4/16/2014 8:14:10 PM Report

Here's a couple graphs showing the downward mortality rate decades before the vaccine came into use. SooToday doesn't like links so they may be taken down.
mister p 4/16/2014 9:07:24 PM Report

if that is the case, I don't need my flu shot every year, as long as everyone else keeps getting theirs, but when I don't get one, and next year you don't get one, and so on, eventually enough people will become vulnerable to the illness, which in-turn, will cause an epidemic. I believe their are far more problems with todays world to cause autism in children. they have been giving this vaccine for many years, it is either waiting a generation or two to make an autistic person, or environment, with pollution and chemicals, or chem trails. autism is on the rise so much that having a child nowadays is becoming a gamble, 1 in 165 in girls and 1 in 56 males are born with some form of autism. perhaps this is the governments way of population control, that went in the wrong direction, now we have a world full of cancer ridden autistic people, rather then people just dying, there is only so much oil in the ground to sustain our way of life, only so much land to grow so many vegetables, where are we going to be in fifty years if our planet has over populated itself, killed many natural resources and polluted so much of the landscape in the past fifty years.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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