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Bicyclists will have to pump harder

Sunday, April 06, 2014   by: Darren Taylor

A group of local bicycle enthusiasts is still working towards its dream of establishing a hard-surfaced pumptrack at Esposito Park.

A pumptrack includes features such as rollers and berms that cyclists ride up and over on.

As cyclists ride along, they accelerate and “pump” along the track.

After the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the pumptrack user group held an open house in April 2013, and after Council approved $50,000 in funding for the proposed facility in June, 2013, an update has been prepared by city staff for Council’s meeting on Monday.

Though the city has put aside $50,000 for a “natural” or dirt pumptrack, the user group, which is responsible for any funding over $50,000, prefers a hard-surfaced pumptrack.

The city report notes that the cost of a hard-surfaced pumptrack was estimated, in September 2013, to be between $150,000 to $200,000.

A preliminary design of the pumptrack is estimated, by Kresin Engineering, to cost $250,000 for construction, professional fees and a contingency amount.

So far, the pumptrack group has raised $75,000 for a hard-surfaced facility.

In addition, the group is putting together an application for an Ontario Trillium Fund (OTF) grant.

However, the city staff report for Council states OTF typically provides no more than $30,000 to $40,000 for any project.

The pumptrack group is currently meeting weekly to discuss design and funding issues, the city staff report states.

Council is expected to receive the city staff report as an information item Monday.

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iamtc 4/6/2014 12:56:48 PM Report

How about fix roads first.
Daiv 4/6/2014 1:09:59 PM Report

Let the shit show begin.
Gumby54 4/6/2014 1:14:59 PM Report

It is commendable that the group is raising funds, just one question. Does the $75k they say they have raised include the $50k the City has put aside? As long as any remaining funds are not thru our taxes, this is a great project.
Big Deal 4/6/2014 1:56:16 PM Report

Good one got that right!!! This city's roads are SHAMEFUL!! City Hall is nothing but a COMPLETE joke!!! For the amount of taxes people pay in this broken down city....we should have the best maintained roads in Ontario!!! It's a need a 250 truck to handle the abuse of the roads in this city!!! CITY HALL...GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT, THE "PEOPLE" DO AFTERALL PAY YOUR OVERPAID SALARIES!!!
Entitledtomyopinion 4/6/2014 2:10:35 PM Report

How about give kids something to do in this town.
Lone24 4/6/2014 2:16:27 PM Report

Well put BigDeal.
muddslinger6 4/6/2014 2:38:39 PM Report

to "entitledtomyopinion"

That indeed you are entitled to.
What did you do as a kid...the kids these days have lots to do....they choose not to...
I dont think it right to put city tax dollars out for this project when the money can go elsewhere..
All forms of government are useless as tits on a bull...all they care about is putting their paychecks in the bank...THATS IT.

but i guess this is coming from a city who dropped 80k to put stickers on the buses..mmmmm...go figure.
Tag33&1/3rd 4/6/2014 3:03:36 PM Report

Has anyone traveled on simpson street and Upton rd. ? Wow the potholes!
Tag33&1/3rd 4/6/2014 3:03:47 PM Report

Has anyone traveled on simpson street and Upton rd. ? Wow the potholes!
Tag33&1/3rd 4/6/2014 3:04:45 PM Report

Sorry for duplicate! I hate when people do that too! Lol
iamtc 4/6/2014 3:35:35 PM Report

First and far most if you want your kids to do something that's good however it would be a lot safer if the roads all year long were maintained a little for projects and spending money's I think we should remove all asphalt and put loose gravel so puc don't have to dig thru all the asphalt every 100 metres due to lac of maintenance things are getting worse in this town from crime to mainining I definitely don't see any improvement anywhere.
avocet 4/6/2014 5:58:34 PM Report

The reason we have so much problem maintaining our roads is because SSM is second in Ontario in lane km of road per capita yet we keep adding more and more roads. So guess what, we can't afford to keep them up. So all of you who complain about pot holes, next time city hall wants to expand a road, you should do all you can to oppose it.
avocet 4/6/2014 6:02:28 PM Report

The 75k is on top of the 50K so they have 125 to build a facility to accommodate not only bicycles but in line skaters and skateboarders. It will be the most popular "free to use" recreational facility in town and will have a huge impact on getting kids moving and having fun without having to play organized sports.
avocet 4/6/2014 6:25:56 PM Report

Here is what it looks like.
B Boy 4/6/2014 6:44:47 PM Report

@avocet - that ratio is undoubtedly the result of either entirely poor planning or a lack of planning.

There's evidence all over the city of terrible urban planning. It's mind blowing that we're still building new superfluous roads while roads only a few years old are falling apart.

Imagine what residents could accomplish if we actually got together and took action instead of complaining on sootoday.
sportsfan17 4/6/2014 6:51:09 PM Report

Amen to that BBoy, amen to that.
jojoe71 4/6/2014 7:11:15 PM Report

I wonder if it would be feasible to get insurance for a bike park like that. Or is it legal to post a use at your own risk sign. Unless the lottery corp wants to fund the cost I think city money is needed elsewhere..... Or is this a late April fools joke? Ok .....ya got me :)
AlwaysAWinner 4/6/2014 7:20:20 PM Report

good effort by these guys

anyone wanting a dog park should look at these people as an example. they're raising funds and doing hard work and not giving up
drypaint 4/6/2014 7:27:45 PM Report

I actually like all these potholes on our streets.... makes people slow down. They actually do 50 now in the front of our house instead of 100. Like seriously. Anything for the kids is alright by me. Spend away.
Bad Dawg 4/6/2014 8:02:36 PM Report

For the most bang for their buck they should hire out of town contractors. As we give ours millions for a road that will not last a year without cracking, then buckling, and then filled with potholes!!
Verbatim 4/6/2014 8:38:18 PM Report

ppl are always complaining that kids do nothing and are always in trouble with the law...well guess what ..there is F.A. for them to do in this town.As a tax payer i really dont have a problem with them spending a bit on giving something for the kids to do. What i do have a problem with is someone like are CAO who gives himself a raise with our tax money and not even giving the tax payer ..who pays his salary, a choice in the matter
Alystr 4/6/2014 8:41:41 PM Report

They fund for something like this that 2 people will use all year and they say no to a splash pad for kids? Good Job Sault Ste Marie. I see the priorities are still right on.
burnell 4/7/2014 6:53:20 AM Report

what a big joke this overpaid city is city hall needs to be cleaned up its a joke
kbe 4/7/2014 8:47:49 AM Report

The comments on here never cease to amaze me. Kudos to the fundraisers... this looks great. As for the city hall haters, and pothole grumblers, please pick a better place to complain... like city hall.
Battler213 4/7/2014 10:03:03 AM Report

Two people will use all year? Give your head a shake. This park will be packed all year! Ignorance is certainly not bliss. It's blinding.

As for the roads - one mentioned with the amount of taxes we pay, we should have the best roads in Ontario? Have you even left the Sault? We have one of the lowest tax rates in ontario for a city our size.
Number One Son 4/7/2014 10:07:03 AM Report

Verbatim, .... FA for them to do? We have numerous ball fields, tennis courts, ice rinks, swimming pools, libraries, museums, and parks, .... that's the tip of the list.

$50,000.00 is more than a dollar per tax-payer. As these types of wasted tax-dollars are happening all the time, a dollar at a time added up is a huge waste eventually.

Like everyone else says, fix the roads. Can't wait until the next municipal election.
R0FL0L 4/7/2014 10:26:51 AM Report

We do need more for Kids especially if we want the city to grow again and attract young families to come either back home or try this city without knowing anyone. We also need the splash pads for the summer (no matter how short our summers are)
We need space where children can be active and have fun. It will in the long run keep our children healthy and less obese.
We might want to think about one thing: "does it need to be FREE all the time?? Can we not charge a SMALL amount?"
We could have wonderful swimming pools or wellness- fun parks IF we agree to pay for service. It does not need to cost an arm and a leg BUT it can not be FREE. The less fortunate families can have subsidized passes.
We freely pay for coffee (and it adds up over the week/month/ year)and then microwave it to warm it up-(which I will never understand-it tastes like bitter crap warmed up again) when we easily could make our own coffee much cheaper at home BEFORE we go out.
We need to check if the Sault really can afford to build NEW subdivisions everywhere. Every new subdivision brings more km to clean from snow, to maintain all year, new sewer and water to maintain, new km for = time for garbage to be picked up, new power lines to maintain and on and on. The new Taxes that are collected from those homes will NOT cover all the NEW costs. We need to upgrade and maintain the areas we already have!!
crashed13 4/7/2014 12:37:45 PM Report

Would that not require kids to leave their Xbox and Play Stations to utilize it, like the empty out door ice rink?

That beautiful ball park on North street is always empty all summer also.

Todays kids are not like they once were .
justsomeguy 4/7/2014 1:00:21 PM Report

@battler123 - residents of the Soo are taxed pretty high for what we get in return. There are several places that come to mind that have a similar population but enjoy a lower tax rate.

There are parks, tennis courts & a few 'museums'. The bushplane museum is fun, but that's a once-every-few-years thing and is a little pricy depending on your income.
The tennis courts in my experience have either half-destroyed nets, or have been covered in broken glass.

Every time I hear "oh the Soo has tons for young people to do", people question it and the responses are weak. Compared to other cities there's stuff to do, and compared to others, there' practically nothing to do.

Sorry, but my opinion is that the Soo is very weak for young people in the 12-30 range.

years of bad planning, lack of planning, or lack of foresight. The Soo is falling short in the areas that truly count for families.

justsomeguy 4/7/2014 1:02:57 PM Report

What gets me is that some of the commenters who are complaining about the city spending money on a pump track or gravity park are the same people who called for the city to shell out money to save the rusty old dilapidated train at bellvue park.

I honestly believe, make the city work first, then concentrate on luxuries.

However, the way this city runs, realistically we'll never see any luxuries.

rcssm69 4/7/2014 1:08:34 PM Report

you said: Todays kids are not like they once were .
Well, neither are today's parents! God forbid you engage with your children and actually "parent"!!! Instead, the lazy ones let their children run the roads till late hours, don't monitor who they spend time with, checking with teachers, etc... Of course they're going to get into trouble! They're not being "parented"!!!
Bigjay101 4/7/2014 1:25:03 PM Report

@rcssm69 - nice! yeah fo sho, children are only directed in the parenting skills of their parent/ child grows up wanting to commit crime or live off the system..and as for pot holes, we live in a climate where you either have to wait until the ground fully thaws or you waste time/money filling it for only one night before it pops with it and travel on the main roads people! or try walking, might ease some of the unnecessary
Frio 4/7/2014 5:04:58 PM Report

To bad the kids using the skateboard park at the Queen E Field couldn't be bothered to use the several garbage containers provided instead of littering all around the area and waiting for city staff to clean up after them.The graffitti vandalism appearing on so many buildings, mail,electrical and telephone equipment boxes all over the city are really disgusting. If they showed more respect for what has been provided and private property taxpayers would be more inclined to pay for things that interest youth..
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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