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Despicable incident prompts hate/bias-motivated assault investigation

Tuesday, November 20, 2012   by: Staff



Members of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service are currently investigating a hate/bias-motivated assault that occurred on November 18.

In the evening hours of November 18, a female victim was walking in the area of the large Sault Ste. Marie sign on Russ Ramsey Way. 

A dark-coloured four door vehicle slowed down and pulled up beside her. 

A passenger in the vehicle rolled the window down and dumped a bucket of water on the victim saying, “Go back to your own country.”  

Officers with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service are now following up this incident, and anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspects is asked to contact police.

If you have any information regarding these crimes, or any other crime, call Crime Stoppers at 705-942-7867 or 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), submit an e-tip from the Crime Stoppers’ website or text keyword SSM with your tip to 274637.

Text STOP to 274637 to cancel.

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To read today's full City Police Beat report, click here.

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Wicked 11/20/2012 4:03:08 PM Report

It is a shame how many treat ANYONE who is different. Stop with the sexual orientation slurs and racist comments. IT is a crime. Punishment is needed.
These criminals are *different.
Jchevs 11/20/2012 4:35:19 PM Report

It's disgusting that someone would do something like that, and the fact that they had a bucket of water ready is even more insulting. We are Canadian. We are way better than that people. Show some pride!
N1T5 101 11/20/2012 5:06:25 PM Report

How come people do not realize Canada and USA were founded by Europeans. Hence people from different country's. wherever this women is from is irrelevant she has just as much of a right to be here as anyone else. What a disgrace to our community.
B Boy 11/20/2012 5:22:15 PM Report

Racism in good ol' Sault Ste. Detroit? I'm shocked!

Next you'll be trying to tell me the police are corrupt!
katrina.riel 11/20/2012 5:28:09 PM Report

I'm just sayin' 11/20/2012 5:32:11 PM Report

haha @ b boy... good one!
rcamp211 11/20/2012 6:10:10 PM Report

where is russ ramsey way? who drives around town with a bucket of water when these streets are so bad that i cant drive around with a bottle of water without spilling it?
Studlee 11/20/2012 6:29:54 PM Report

I think Russ Ramsay way is the street that leads to City Hall from Bay Street, it's hard to believe that there's a bunch of idiots driving around town with buckets of water ready to dump on foreigners...say it ain't so, say it ain't so!
B Boy 11/20/2012 6:35:16 PM Report

Studlee - you sound surprised to find idiots around city call...

Working Man 11/20/2012 7:45:36 PM Report

That's horrible. What exactly is the point in that? Sounds like a couple of drunk teenagers thinking they're all 'bad', yet running away after like a couple of cowards.

Any details about the suspects age, gender, appearance, clothing, exact time it happened, exact location on Ramsey street, or details about the car's make/model/year, scratches/dents in certain areas, etc.? These details are important.

drm 11/20/2012 8:10:37 PM Report

same thing happened to me this spring i was 8 months pregnant and walking down the street on second line and i had a can full of teenagers drive by and attempt to egg me. when they failed they did a u-turn and i ended up getting forced into early labor because i got hit in the stomach with 2 frozen eggs. of course the cops did usual!!!
B Boy 11/20/2012 8:44:43 PM Report

Similar thing happened to me the week I moved here.
My wife & I used to go for evening walks and we wanted to continue that after moving here.

Within the first couple km some guys were hanging out of their truck window yelling obscene comments about my wife's breasts.

Classy. Sure made me feel welcome.
Norm 11/20/2012 8:56:30 PM Report

BBoy, are you bragging, just kiddin. I know some bigots in our fair city. Some who make racist remarks and then say, awww I don't really mean it that way. When someone makes those remarks it's racist, period. We all have to do our bset to live together and remember that no one is better than anyone else.
SooTodayer 11/20/2012 11:42:29 PM Report

The only way to fight racism is to call people out on it when you hear it.
To remain silent perpetuates the problem.
In my opinon.
firefly42 11/21/2012 12:18:13 AM Report

My apologies to the female that was attacked. Please know that the majority of the people in Sault Ste. Marie do not feel this way and I am sorry that this happened to you!

This was a disgusting act of cruelty by a bunch of immature, ignorant, cowards! When are people going to grow up and realize that we are all equal!
skinnyboppper 11/21/2012 12:18:50 AM Report

To the unfortunate person that this happened to....I really hope that one of these punks slips up and runs their mouth off too much and someone reports them to the police.....This is bullshit, plain and simple!!!!!.......Racism is something that should not be tolerated and a swift harsh example should be made of these LOSERS...
missing33years 11/21/2012 12:25:36 AM Report

N1T5 you mean stolen from the indians that were and are still here dont you ...companys and such other entities are funded .this country was not lost and need not be founded ,but tens of thousands of indians were butchered then their land was pillaged ..more precise to say thats what happened is it not,and were still being slaugthered ,look at who the tar sands is now killing off,and what happened in qubec etc ,ya founding is sttill alive and well in CANNADA
hitch 11/21/2012 1:09:44 AM Report

WOW! Some crazy s_it!! What's next? Burning Crosses? Geez! Dispicable is right! Hopefully: "what goes around comes around for those idiots!" Geezus!
Dead End Kid 11/21/2012 1:36:21 AM Report

In playing devil's advocate, this may have been a random act of mischief rather than an intended act of targeting someone of another race. Perhaps the victim could have been anyone that was convenient at the time for them to commit this senseless act. The racial slur was probably "improvised" on the spot to impress his fellow accomplices.

I'm hoping this proves to be what really happened rather than having racism raise It's ugly head in our fair community.
shaddow 11/21/2012 1:42:09 AM Report

missing 33 years - I do not understand what your point is. You seem to be ranting a 'poor me' as if your problems are caused by everyone. Usually problems are created by people that have caused their own problems but can not accept their own problems & insecurities. If everyone would try to get along together & make our Country a better place to live we would all be happy. Try Smiling & Be Happy......
missing33years 11/21/2012 2:39:23 AM Report

shaddow --you mean you dread the truth of having to understand the impact on your reality once you admit to the truth of the murder behind the so called founding of cannada on the blood shed of indian woman ,children and the teens and their fathers so your great grandfather could what ,,,you fill in the rest ,you will WHITE WASH it to your thinking anyhow you can
billybob 11/21/2012 6:15:59 AM Report

Who drives around with a bucket of water in their car?
Meli_J 11/21/2012 11:53:16 AM Report

I'm ashamed that this act happened in our community

Missing33: I am totally not trying to be rude or argumentative, but I'm just not sure what your comments have to do with the story
Ker 11/21/2012 4:00:48 PM Report

MISSING 33 I do not get your respose?? And to this poor girl...Don't let ANYONE take away your spirit. There are ignorant people everywhere you go.
Jennibenni 11/21/2012 6:41:40 PM Report

As most of the previous postings have said. This city is built on immigrants. What a bunch of uneducated dimwitted people. I hope that the future interactions the lady has, re introduce some faith in our city to her.
As for B Boy and the person praising him...uhhhm have you guys ever been to Detroit? It sounds like you may have shown up for game or two. Do you know about Detroit? Your assumption alone has a racist tone to educated in your responses. Then maybe the Soo wouldn't get such a bad rap. Detroit is rich in many ways. Such as for its multiculturalism, music, arts and entertainment and local history. So, Hmmm should I group you in with the other misinformed and uneducated people?
Just Food for thought.
cityhallguy 11/21/2012 6:59:57 PM Report

B Boy...with the exception of being passed by a truck, can you explain to me how that story even resembles this article??? Give me a break! There is no comparison!!!
cityhallguy 11/21/2012 7:04:21 PM Report

...and missing33years...sounds like you are on here trying to provoke another racist act!!!
Jennibenni 11/21/2012 8:34:04 PM Report

Wow Missing 33, sounds like you have issue's of anger towards something that has effected you terribly. Do you realize that you only responded to the post of another person in regards to your own angst about a moment in history?!! YOu posted nothing on the actual topic of the woman in the story. Maybe you could start your own chat if you'd like to continue to spread the word about one of many genocides, i'll add its more recent than Rome or Asia or Greece, but only stands stronger due to media and the availability of information. Yes it was sad to see the culture be burned out. Its sad to hear that someone in our community (being it an intentional racist act or not) felt they were attacked in such a manner. Go forward and stop looking back...or all you'll do is go backwards.I guess I say this to all of our community. Looking back has only created anger and hate of something in the past that will cloud the future and stalls our ability to move forward in a positive way..When we have situations at hand in the here and now that need our attention so we can move forward and all survive together.
B Boy 11/21/2012 8:45:27 PM Report

Cityhallguy, read DRM's post. My comment was in response to hers, not the article.

JenniBenni - I went to U of Windsor and spent alot of time in Detroit and know it fairly well. I've done my research - Detroit is ranked as the 2nd most dangerous city out of 371 (
So JenniBenni, get off your high horse and do YOUR homework.

And learn to recognize a joke.
Jennibenni 11/22/2012 2:15:44 PM Report

Oh okay I'll use a privately owned U.S. press company to find my actual fact and history on Detroit from now on. Thanks BBoy for the link. That Windsor U really helped you find that Stat good. Lol ! All I'm saying is you used a term that can be subject to creating more ideas of racism and hate towards a community such as Detroit. In turn so could the lady who was assaulted in our community by the actions against her. Guess I don't joke about things that leave an impression on our society in a negative manner. Enjoy your Windsor U education. Seems to be helping you out with your sense of humor at least.
THE RELIC 11/22/2012 2:46:57 PM Report

where did my post go?
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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