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Batchewana First Nation wants apology from Ontario Prospector's Association

Thursday, November 08, 2012   by: Staff



Batchewana First Nation disappointed with Ontario Prospector's Association

On November 1, 2012, Ontario introduced new rules and tools to the Mining Act to try and balance the interests of the mineral industry, Indigenous Peoples, and private land owners.

Changes in the act attempt to make Indigenous consultation a cornerstone of mineral exploration and mine closure activities.

The Batchewana First Nation is governed by their own law and policies, which include a consultation policy and detailed permitting process that has cultivated positive working relations with several proponents such as Superior Copper Corporation and BluEarth Renewables.

Batchewana First Nation’s Natural Resource department attended the Ontario Prospectors Association’s (OPA) Exploration and Geoscience Symposium on November 7, 2012 where these changes to the Mining Act came under fire.

Solid Gold Resources Corporation President and CEO, Darryl Stretch presented a slide show titled, Deathwatch of the Resource Industry, making claims that the Ontario Government has set mining back to the Stone Age.

Stretch went on to say, when referencing Indigenous Peoples, “It is every man for himself against 133 hostile third-party governments across the country.”

Stretch’s presentation included offensive cartoons, absurd comparisons, and irrelevant quotes all of which ironically conveyed the archaic principles of the Solid Gold Resources Corporation.

The demeaning presentation was a surprise to Symposium organizers who were unaware of the content due to the fact that the OPA does not have a screening process for presenters.

Batchewana First Nation attendees submitted a complaint to the Executive Director, Garry Clark of the OPA and requested a formal statement of apology.

Chief Dean Sayers commented: “It is unfortunate that as members of the OPA our representatives were subjected to Mr. Stretch’s racist rant. We find it disappointing that the OPA would allow their venue to be used as a soapbox for this individual. We are calling on the OPA to denounce and remove Solid Gold Resources and Mr. Stretch from their membership. If these measures aren’t taken our First Nation will have no choice but to lobby Ontario to cease funding and support for the OPA in light of the endorsement of this racist company and individual. It’s comments like Mr. Stretch’s, on behalf of Solid Gold Resources that set back mutual efforts between Ontario and Indigenous Peoples and consequently erode global economic certainty with respect to sustainable natural resource extractions in Canada.”

Batchewana First Nation Leadership look forward to a formal statement from the OPA with regards to this unfortunate matter.


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OMGWTF 11/8/2012 3:42:18 PM Report

Funny how First Nations look to Government when they want something but when Government wants something back they turn away and say no way or we want more.
THE Warrior 11/8/2012 3:49:20 PM Report

Another fine display of racism. Sugar coat it anyway you want. Your supremist attitude is a passed down humiliation of your race and all the wrongs they have committed against all races around the world. Imagine all the races that your kinds has killed and raped and pilaged turned the tables. wow that would be horrendous. I am very disappointed with Soo Today for allowing this site to be a breading ground for hate..
Epaminondas 11/8/2012 3:52:20 PM Report

They should since they have a nation to nation relationship with the government through treaties. That indicates what should be a conversation between equals. The current Mining Act gives prospectors some pretty serious rights to everyone's properties. The reforms are long over-due.
THE Warrior 11/8/2012 3:59:15 PM Report

When they want something.. what do they not have that wasn't stolen, turned to make first nation people look like the bad guys, when all that is wanted is what is fair. When is a contract not a contract, when it expires.. have the treaties expired. Not that i'm aware of.
moem 11/8/2012 4:29:31 PM Report


Can you read? They didn't ask the govt for anything! They are asking OPA for an apology and I suspect they will get it, given that mining depends in large part on accessing their land!!

The presentation was racist and there should be no place for that anywhere in today's society! If you have issues with Aboriginal people or their rights, you should focus on legitimate points ( if you have any) and draw on actual facts to get your opinion across rather than make or support racist statments...

And to sootoday do you ever monitor the articles that are sure to lead to racist comments or is it a platform for your own racism... Every article pertaining to Aboriginal people has had at least 1 sometimes 15 racist comments that seem to go completely unnoticed by your moderator BUT just try to express your opinion on a politician ie David orazietti and look out!!!! Your policy or lack thereof on comments is mind boggling
Dictionary 11/8/2012 4:43:10 PM Report

I'm going to bypass the hate talk and skip to the meat and potatoes about what this letter is about. I don't see eye to eye with first nations on some things, but this letter was meant to demonstrate that it IS possible to have a good working relationships with first nations, and I applaud the companies mentioned above for working with BFN.

If the presenter saw fit to refer to delegates of a conference as hostile, then perhaps the presenter didn't see the irony behind his obviously hostile tone.
speed7 11/8/2012 4:59:24 PM Report

This mining industry is going to break everyone's human spirit pretty much. Especially when we are talking mining for gold , silver and diamonds. Ring of Fire ring a bell for anyone? I dont see things going too smoothly as greed will take presidence over everything and everyone. No one will be immune either.
ackw 11/8/2012 5:52:09 PM Report

It sounds like this company already put in time and resources to a gold find. Now the first ? nation rushes in and makes the usual ridiculess claim.

moem 11/8/2012 6:13:15 PM Report

Not what the article is about at all really
shju 11/8/2012 6:47:50 PM Report

Wait? what! a company has money in mind over making friends? omg! what has the world come to! lol. An apology, ha big deal. The millions of dollars it will bring to an area not to mention the jobs it will create is greater then making a few people upset. Has the world got so bent out of shape over words. I am offended by the amount of money that I have to work for only to piss it away in tax. But that is the country we live in. If you don't like it then string up.
happy camper 11/8/2012 7:19:16 PM Report

Hey WARRIOR your people the INDIANS have done a lot more to your own kind than any other people have done may be you should look into your own history and check your DNA and see what land bride your kind came over on and the people you are related to. You keep spouting about how the racest people treat INDIANS maybe you should look at what your saying to bring it on to yourself!!
Mopar 11/8/2012 7:27:41 PM Report

As far as I am concerned anyone who doesn't pay tax should have no say.
Mopar 11/8/2012 7:42:03 PM Report

I myself am pretty tired of these so called minority groups. Oh well it won't be long until whites are a minority and then we will have a say. Maybe someday we can free load off the hard work of other races. Excuse me while I pick myself off the ground.
lowla 11/8/2012 7:55:38 PM Report

three hours and counting
Hatch 11/8/2012 8:08:30 PM Report

THE Warrior

That's an awful big white brush stroke.

Funny how one can complain about racism while justifying their own racist comments.

It's comments like yours that feed the flames of racism from one generation to the next.
Timbob 11/8/2012 8:33:46 PM Report

1.) "Solid Gold Resources Corporation President and CEO, Darryl Stretch presented a slide show titled, Deathwatch of the Resource Industry, making claims that the Ontario Government has set mining back to the Stone Age."

He's right - assuming you want to get things done, make some money, and build a strong resource-based country. On the other hand, if you want to bog everything down in an idiotic "approval" process with an unrecognized "nation", then go ahead and play patsy with the Indians.

2.) "Stretch went on to say, when referencing Indigenous Peoples, “It is every man for himself against 133 hostile third-party governments across the country.”"

Absolutely true. I see nothing inaccurate with this statement. Probably the most honest speech I've heard in a while.

3.) "Stretch’s presentation included offensive cartoons, absurd comparisons, and irrelevant quotes all of which ironically conveyed the archaic principles of the Solid Gold Resources Corporation."

Show me the proof please. Anyone can make absurd claims about what was said just to get everyone excited about nothing. I suspect Chief Sayers is the one exaggerating and making false accusations - that I personally find extremely offensive as a white man in Canada!
THE Warrior 11/8/2012 9:46:13 PM Report

don't like the taste of your own racist medicine.. then maybe enjoy the stories on here and stop attacking first nation peoples.. think about that..
true canadian 11/8/2012 10:16:51 PM Report

ahh,,this is going to get me kicked off here,,but,, warrior,,im done, change with the times, grow up,, contribute to the country,, respect your elders, pay taxes,work, have pride, embelesh heritage but dont take it for granted,and support the country instead of bringing it down,
true canadian 11/8/2012 10:20:33 PM Report

trust me,,i was going to say worse things than this,,
moem 11/8/2012 10:41:19 PM Report

The ignorant people on here make me sick but it shouldn't be a surprise I guess because anyone who is too stupid to do a google search can't be expected to make intelligent conversation!! I wish I had a nickel for every moron on here who says" oh Indians don't pay tax". Maybe you should look that up!! And as for working... There are many many successful well educated and employed first nation people. They were here first period!! They suffered at the hands of the Europeans look that up... And as for this BS about passing it down through generations why the hell not, we still teach and talk about slavery and the holocaust so why not talk and educate about the atrocities the natives suffered, and here's a couple more little understood facts 1) natives didn't get full voting rights til 1960 and the last residential school closed in 1996!!!

Every time there is an article on here about Aboriginal people the comments make my skin crawl and it makes me ashamed to be white!!!

Warrior I apologize on behalf of those of my people who are either vicious racists or at the very least too lazy to fact check before they open their mouths!!!
moem 11/8/2012 11:42:22 PM Report

@happy camper

Racest is not actually a word, your is a possessive pronoun as in eat your words... You're is a contraction made from you and are

@truecanadian they give true meaning to the term respect your elders, they also pay taxes and I wonder if you meant embrace heritage rather than embelesh, since that's not even a word,

@ warrior when you really go back and read comments like their's it's no surprise is it really?? Take it from where it's coming from... Lol
Sudsy 11/9/2012 12:11:50 AM Report

LOL, Good on you moem on showing these clowns how brain dead they really are;)
Mr Cloudy 11/9/2012 12:39:29 AM Report

True Canadian...what is your stand,,,you will follow a government who has put the mighty dollar before you and your next generations by these really sad laws (Bill C-38) Read read read and support your regurgitations of your morning coffee I’m not for one to jumping off a cliff and throw my children’s children’s off it too...Check out the section that allows mining companies now to drain a perfectly good lake and fill it with toxic waste, tailings drink read more about what your goiing to talk about...and OMGWTF...your name sums up your IQ...We all need to make a stand together to stop this broken system that is the government of Canada...and even bigger this big huge fat mining companies we all live here! we cant live off money if we cant eat it, breath it or drink it! its happening now!
Timbob 11/9/2012 8:12:50 AM Report

Let's get back to the facts people.

"Mr. Stretch said the Wahgoshig First Nation wanted him to pay for a $100,000 archeological study to determine if his drill sites were disturbing burial grounds. He refused arguing that his company has no legal requirement to consult the band... Chief David Babin of the Wahgoshig First Nation, who sought the court injunction after a brief November meeting with the Solid Gold president resulted in an impasse, described Mr. Stretch’s comments as offensive. “This guy has no intention of working with First Nations people,” Chief Babin said in an interview."

GOOD. Why should he "work with" them?!

It's his land, he has a contract with the government of Canada (which by the way, is and should be the only government in Canada), and is abiding by his contract. Now a bunch of people who's ancestors happened to be here a couple of hundred years earlier want to lay claim to a portion of his profits and hold every Canadian at ransom as they approve or disapprove EVERY SINGLE resource decision in the entire country.

Are you kidding me?!!!

This is NOT racist. This is simple fairness for all 30 million CANADIANS who now occupy this land.
Mr Cloudy 11/9/2012 9:24:35 AM Report

Timbob...should be kneelbob...that’s your way of rationalizing...that’s your choice to bow and submit to so called progress...not laying claim to land, laying claim to respect past generations...loser...disrespectful people and their rant...u know nothing kneelandbob...only what your sad.
Nunavut 11/9/2012 9:36:32 AM Report

Timbob is correct in his assessment.
So until the 130 or more native communities get consistency amongst themselves on what they want then how can the rest of Canada expect to relate to them.
Then they wonder why treaties and agreements take so long with FFederal and Provincial Governments. Its because there is no agreement amongst the native groups as to what self government is in detail Each wants a different approach, whether it is structure, education , reporting, pay scales , resources etc etc

Ricatoni 11/9/2012 10:28:18 AM Report

Sayers not doers.......this is a joke ...I say dont even deal with the dummies .....let them ruin what they have on their own,,there real good at that ...for all you racist indians out there with ignorant comments like (Warrior)it is because of people like you and your comments that natives will continue to slide backwards in time..its time you, sayers and the rest of the natives grow up and realize we are all in it together and as long as native people like you are around you and your people will go no were in this world and oh yea moem save me the drama please...half the time you have no idea what your talking about and the other half is just plane whining need to seriously quit with the all the poor indians stuff..cry me a river LOL...just drive through the reserves and see how poor the people are most of them live in mansions and pay no tax but want everything free.....Yea the poor indians all right .......please let chief sayers ruin what if any chance of giving his people a good job or any opportunities..yea that really worked out for ya all didnt it ....LOL...
Sudsy 11/9/2012 10:35:41 AM Report

All industry proponents should consult with all third parties, aboriginal groups as well as all other stakeholders when it comes to large scale mining with the potential to cause major environmental impacts if not assessed properly. You people are getting your panties all bunched up over this when you can`t even do work in your own house without paying some kind of fee. If you want to make an apartment in your basement you have to cough up $$$$$ immediately just to get it re-zonned. Maybe you`s should complain about trivial stuff like that instead of supporting a multibillion dollar company that is trying to fast track the system in order to get richer. It`s bad enough that some government agencies ie DFO, MNR no longer have a say in the matter if issues like fish habitat that is not directly related to a commercial fishery is altered by these large scale industries. I`m all for developing the economy but lets do it in a way to address the concerns of all stakeholders.
THE Warrior 11/9/2012 11:05:13 AM Report

I always enjoy a good read, but when it comes to Sootoday. The comments that follow are just plain ugly. I read this site for information and to see what is new and exciting. When i read past the articles about First Nations Peoples of Canada, it is clearly a ground for self loathing hate mongers.. Why so much hate for First Nations People, have any of you haters ever given a first nation person a chance or do you just hate them for what agreements that were worked out by your past forefathers. Education is key to all element of life, get some on behalf of your government. For decades, the government of so call Kanata or in your minds Canada have tried to destroy and humiliate FNP and take away their identity so that they wouldn't be able to protect themselves. Comments on here like we have to stand together, then the next comment are of disgust for FNP. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, do i dislike FNP because of what i was taught or because of past dealings. I'll bet it's from what was passed down from past generations
Nunavut 11/9/2012 11:05:39 AM Report

Afraid not Sudsy....there is many many many red tape procedures to getting a mine up and running that do very well at making sure all those aspects are covered.
But when the redtape involves two or three year delays caused by First Nations groups not having a consistent approach to these things , or not even agreeing on which "nation" should have a say (like what happened with Michipicoten and Batchewana re the wind farms.) You get to see the ridiculous roadblocks being made just to be obstinate. Meanwhile these mining firms lose interest and investors and Canada citizens lose out on jobs and economic benefits that would help everyone including the natives. It further doesn't help the loosey goosey definition of traditional lands that further buries jobs and economic investment into a quagmire that we ALL don't need in these recession times.
Nunavut 11/9/2012 11:14:15 AM Report

Actually Warrior most white people just want everyone to be successful, but when First Nations leaders can't even agree on giving their people the most basic right of home ownership and the economic family benefit that provides we realize your leaders are your worst enemy. We get further frustrated when your own leaders regularily employ nepotism in its councils and even in how they give out the post secondary education funding. We see the lack of reporting and poor fiscal responsibilites of these leaders and see the constant barrage of "send us more money" as the solution, that has not worked for 100 years now. So we learn be seeing what is happening so far. No hate just frustration.
THE Warrior 11/9/2012 11:22:55 AM Report

So by your response, you have dealt with many First Nations. Or are you going by what your heard. Have you looked at your own government that puts it people in debt for years for a good education, probably not.. OSAP ring a bell. So when you catagorize First Nations people and their leaders as poor moral ethics when it come to their own people, who are you referring to. I'm sure you haven't dealt with all First Nations across Canada.
learningaswego 11/9/2012 11:34:13 AM Report

Nunavut has nailed it.
Nunavut 11/9/2012 11:53:09 AM Report

I don't have a problem with students going in debt for an education, they then pay it off when they get a job, just like I did. It is called responsibility for myself and my career.
As for examples of problem reserve governance let use Attawapiskat. or lets use Caledonia as an example of the outright violence against innocent Canadians. A 2009 tragedy on Shamattawa First Nation in Manitoba gave Canadians a crash course on how bad things have become on many Native reserves: An 11-year-old boy there died in a house fire that police treated as an arson-related homicide. The boy was under the care of Child and Family Services at the time and had been left unattended when the home ran out of fuel. It took three days for officials with the agency to discover the boy was dead. The band’s fire department was nowhere to be found when the fire occurred.
Clearly, the vision of governance and shared community life of First Nations is not working. Simply increasing funding for programs will not change conditions; the government already pumps billions of dollars into services for on-reserve natives every year with little effect. Most of these service dollars are channelled through band councils, so they bear the primary responsibility for ensuring the money is well-spent.
Mean while a good example would be a few years ago wherethe Gitxsan people of northwest British Columbia asked federal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl to revoke their Indian status, including their claim to tax exemption and guaranteed benefits. In exchange, the community of 13,000 seeks more secure access to its natural resources.
As the Gitxsan put it: “We come to the table as committed Canadians, paying our taxes and contributing to the country. We seek no special status nor any parallel society. We want to live as ordinary Canadians in our own way in a multicultural society.”
In other words, the Gitxsan want to be treated as Canadians while retaining the right to be governed by their traditions. Rather than deal with politicized service delivery through on-reserve agencies, they want their members to receive services through federal and provincial agencies, like other British Columbians.
Much of the Gitxsan statement is similar to the failed 1969 White Paper. That document, created by the then-governing Liberal party, called for an end to special status and for the phasing out of Indian Affairs. The problem was that it sought to impose change on First Nations without their input.
The Gitxsan proposal comes directly from a native community and represents the start of a conversation between government and the Gitxsan. In rejecting the politics of difference, the Gitxsan embrace a spirit of mutual understanding and shared values between themselves and Canadian society.
In Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State, political scientist Alan Cairns writes about the importance of communities within a nation-state to share common values that reinforce bonds of mutual obligation between citizens. Otherwise, we become a society of strangers and suspicions grow.
The Gitxsan understand this and, at the same time, desire to retain what makes them distinct. As they put it: “The Gitxsan do not want to be a burden on the Crown; we want to live free as Gitxsan people in Gitxsan territory. We want to participate fully in Canadian society.”
This is not a “left wing” or “right wing” proposal. Instead, it represents an indigenous desire to seek policy that works, whatever its source. What brings together indigenous leaders and much of the aboriginal policy community is the desire to replace the Indian Act system with something better.
The Gitxsan deserve credit for articulating what is needed most — a different vision. Batchewana needs a similar vision.
Nunavut 11/9/2012 12:03:51 PM Report

But now fast forward to 2012 when you had hoped the Gitxsan were being proactive ...a June 2012 Globe headline included " (Native)Protesters who have been on the site since early December (2011) have been demanding such an audit, alleging the (Native Treaty)society has borrowed as much as $20-million for treaty negotiations over more than a decade with little or no tangible benefits for the Gitxsan.

So they got bogged down by their internal wrangling the article continues “On June 11, 2012, Deloitte and Touche will be on-site conducting an assessment for a forensic audit of certain allegations relating to the Gitxsan Treaty Society."

I don't see any more about it. I guess greed got in the way.

THE Warrior 11/9/2012 12:10:13 PM Report

Three years ago, come on.. Nanu, your grasping at straws. Of course First Nations People would love to be self reliant. you really need to educate yourself. You quote one Group. the government of Canada doesn't want us to be self reliant, that way they can control the whole country. Why should a first nation have to give up underlying title to their lands in order to start a business, then in turn the government can take the land to expropriate what is in the earth below. You should research instead of hearing a couple of stories and acknowledging your narrow mindedness. There are treaties that have not expired, i repeat have not expired. How do you give back education to a Nation of people who had a government do its best to strip them of their true identity, their beliefs, language lands. I could go on.. move on, well if the government would share the resources that were promised then it wouldn't be a problem. The monies that go to First Nations Peoples is about 10 Percent of what is owed.. Do your research, stop spreading your hate.
moem 11/9/2012 12:20:16 PM Report


To which information are you referring to " that I don't know what I'm talking about" be specific, generally I don't provide info unless I know it to be true... You are disparaging a whole group of people based on your opinions, I have never seen a mansion on the reserve, where must you live if you think those homes are mansions lol you need to get out of the sault for awhile,

And child abuse and neglect happens everywhere, it's not simply a "Rez" issue, it's sad and tragic whenever it happens and people who do it should be shot and pissed on regardless of their background!!!
Slim Shady 11/9/2012 12:35:23 PM Report


Nunavut nailed the issues. Why do FN people play the racism card at the first opportunity? FN people represent 5% of all Canadians (assuming you believe you are a Canadian first and Ojibwas second) Just because 95% of the non FN people disagree with your perception of entitlement because 300 years ago your distant relatives camped on a spot of bush doesn’t mean they are racist! They just have a difference of opinion.

I agree with Nunavut… most white people just want everyone to be successful. Society can not and should not turn back time. To try and do so inhibits looking forward to what we should be doing as a cohesive society in the here and now. What do FN people want out of life? It is no different than the rest of all Canadians – to have happiness, peace and a decent standard of life. In order to achieve that we all have to take the best care of each other that we can. To enjoy clean water, good education, roads, jobs et cetera we all must pay into the system – that is what taxes do.

Like it or not FN people enjoy a democratic society with all its comforts, just like the rest of us. Long gone are the days of dog sleds, spears and longhouses. You guys like your $50K F150 truck, four wheelers, motor boat, LED TVs, appliances et cetera. Like it or not your people’s way of life has changed… it has evolved to the point you do not want to go back.

The poor FN rant pulls no sympathy with the rest of Canada. My ancestors survived some of the worst slaughter in Europe. War took away everything from us too. I don't except society to give us "cash for life" nor do I feel entitled. Until your 130 separate non-agreeing band chiefs wake up and realize this fact of life your culture will die off just like the buffalo you used to hunt.
Sudsy 11/9/2012 12:52:43 PM Report

Hey Nunavut sorry to burst your bubble but it takes 2 or 3 years sometimes to do an environmental assessment, once the Canadian environmental assessment act is triggered.

And instead of cutting and pasting articles on google why don`t you try and use your own words, or will that amount of straining cause you to get a hernia??
Mr Cloudy 11/9/2012 1:59:12 PM Report

Slim Shady your perspective is so lame and a great example of how you are conditioned to think in the box and the ignorance told u, that’s why! Just like certain people told u what??? Native perspective...not! you have none, u don’t know what it is a bit...not even a little...being part European and native I can speak to both...Natives HAVE BEEN in this society and realizing its not working for them...why? Cause it’s not who we’s what u are...need I say more?...the comeback from a genocide that has been in effect since the early 1500's and we are still here with our cultures, traditions, language and our place to live...not ours!...we have lived up to the treaties, North America has not. The land is being misused so bad that cancer will eat us all...if this has not affected your life then you’re lucky...u call it $ucce$$...these governments and companies are wiping out our u don’t want to have to see to have it proved...think outside the box and please get another perspective cause u and others here have it so wrong...that’s why u never learned about natives in school courses, it’s not allowed to deviate outside your upbringing (Manifest Destiny)...We are all in this together and to a native a red card is like a Jewish star to use…it targets who we are that’s it...
A native person is connected to the earth...and peace is one of our gifts...I hope u all wake up soon before it’s too late, cause if your next generations survive to the next they will not even want to know your name or who you are…you were a coward to go along to get along and you’re doing was nuttin! (Cause u was told by the masters and McWorld!) Same attitude,,, “I’m going to get mine, now go get yours”…greedy people, so bad that u will leave all your money here and they will be requiring air, water and food to eat…greed, not even going to leave the next generation FA but suffering and despair…so sad…I’m going to fight this destruction of my next 7 generations, and I hope to be acknowledged by them for my sacrifice! That is my choice…what will yours be…?
Nunavut 11/9/2012 1:59:53 PM Report

make up your mind Sudsy, on the one hand people here want us to research to prove our point but when it does not reflect your opinions, you don't want the research quoted.
Suffice it to say that the media is filled with stories that show poor and inconsistent governance structures and direction by FN leaders all across this land and with almost 130 differing opinions. And this is from a very left wing sympthetic media for the FN cause.
Until the FN people can have leaders that will come up with a consistent voice then they will continue to be their own worse enemy. The rest of Canada awaits them getting their ducks in a row to be part of the solution rather than just randomly put up hurdles.
Mr Cloudy 11/9/2012 2:50:32 PM Report

Article from Mining Watch: Ruthless is the ones you defend...never get between a greedy company or in this case people from their all mighty riches...unless u know it might cost u your life...Canadian Company...u decide!

On June 2, in the city of Ilobasco, Cabañas, thirty-year-old Juan Francisco was hanging flyers and banners as part of a CAC campaign against mining and the Canadian mining company Pacific Rim. The CAC reports that Ilobasco's mayor, José Maria Dimas Castellano, ordered municipal police to remove the banners and intimidate the activists hanging them. The next day Juan Francisco left for his classes at the Technological University in San Salvador and was not heard from again. His body was found after midnight on June 4; he had been shot twice in the head, execution style. The Medical Examiner declared his body "unidentifiable" and buried him in a common grave in San Salvador. The following week, CAC members visited the morgue and learned that Juan Francisco's body had been found. His father positively identified his son´s body on June 14.

Juan Francisco's murder comes two years after the brutal torture and killing of community leader and anti-mining activist Marcelo Rivera Since then, two other anti-mining activists have been killed, Dora Alicia Sorto and Ramiro Rivera, and death threats and attempts continue against anti-mining activists, particularly the youth journalists of the Radio Victoria collective. As long as the intellectual authors of these crimes remain unpunished, impunity and violence will continue to reign in Cabañas.
Nunavut 11/9/2012 3:27:14 PM Report

ya right as if ...something happening in San Salvador can be compared to how a company would operate in Canada.

moem 11/9/2012 4:04:38 PM Report

It's funny how some of the things people have said on here about Aboriginal people get glossed over and the racism albeit at times subtle is ignored. If you made these comments and took out the words natives, first nations, aboriginal or in a few cases " Indian " and replaced it with "blacks" "Chinese" etc you would have a nation full of people outraged, and probably make the 6 o'clock news, yet as long as it's about aboriginal people it's ok because it's just people voicing their opinion!!

However apparently there are some inappropriate comments being removed from the story about the Italian fraud guy.... Wow the comments must have been horrific to be removed from this site... Sorry I missed them
SooTodayer 11/9/2012 4:30:03 PM Report

The only way to fight racism is to open up a dialogue.

moem you do a lot of complaining about this issue but I'd like to know if you report the posts you find so offensive?

Any post i have reported for racist content has been deleted. I think the report system works, but you have to use it.

moem 11/9/2012 11:38:12 PM Report

Yes thank you I have, and I'm speaking out about it and I have attempted to provide facts to refute the ridiculous claims like " they don't pay tax and get free education, " and simply reporting posts ( even if they get deleted which they don't always) will not really stop racism it will just take it out of our faces, education and awareness are better ways to handle it, sorry you think I complain so much but I have a basic human right to live in this country free from racism or oppression....
Also I don't work for sootoday so it's not up to me to monitor or remove comments, they have people to do that I think
Mr Cloudy 11/10/2012 12:29:04 AM Report

I bought a Batchewana shirt this year for a dollar and it said "Racism hurts everyone" so true...good job sootoday for limiting the racism, we can’t stop it, but we don’t have to embrace it or give it a place to breed...I remember a good sootoday story from earlier this year,,,"haters will be haters" racism really does
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