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New staff, new year, revamped library; 'I'm excited,' principal says (6 photos)

Algoma District School Board (ADSB) educators devoted last day of summer holidays to their own homework, preparing for new school year, subject of this week’s SooToday What’s Up Wednesday

While Sault and Algoma area elementary school pupils were enjoying a final day of summer vacation Tuesday, SooToday dropped into the Algoma District School Board’s (ADSB) Parkland Public School to visit teachers preparing for the first day of the 2019-2020 school year as they refreshed and updated their skills during an ADSB Professional Activity Day, the school’s staff the subject of this week’s SooToday What’s Up Wednesday.

“All staff were involved in keeping up with all health and safety requirements we need to have in place for the coming school year this morning,” said Maurice Dugas, Parkland Public School principal, speaking to SooToday.

Those health and safety awareness points highlighted included:

  • asbestos awareness
  • lockdown procedure
  • response to anaphylaxis/use of Epi-Pens
  • fire safety plan

“There were four modules we had to cover today. All staff logged on to their own laptops and completed all four sections. This is to emphasize that we want our schools to be safe for our children,” Dugas said.

“In the afternoon, we looked into ways to move up a step, from where we left off last year, in order to increase the levels of student achievement here at Parkland, and with some new staff members, great ideas have been contributed, and it’s looking great for the start of the new school year. It’s all about student achievement.”

Dugas also showed us a revamped Parkland Public School library (his own idea), with six spaces for students to carry out school work on laptops in front of a window with plenty of natural light shining down on them, as well as soft cushions at work stations for the school’s littlest learners.

“I’m excited,” said Dugas, who has served as an ADSB principal for 14 years, going into his fourth year as Parkland’s principal.

“Professional activity is ongoing, of course, and we keep measuring things throughout the year for student achievement.” 

“I look forward to a great year,” Dugas said.