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Conquer your fear of heights with Treetop Adventures (7 photos)

The 'high-ropes aerial obstacle course' is the subject of this week’s What’s Up Wednesday

Among the trees of Goulais River lies a challenge for those who love adventure.

Taylor Delarosbil and wife Kasondra have owned and operated Treetop Adventures since 2015 (the business first opening in 2008).

There, helmeted and harnessed customers, guided by the Treetop couple, climb the ladder and make their way from tree to tree using bridges and cross balance beams.

“Treetop Adventures is a high-ropes aerial obstacle course, anywhere from 10 to 30 feet off the ground, and takes about two hours to complete,” said Taylor, speaking to SooToday as he hosted a more down to earth version of Treetopping during this year’s Rotaryfest activities at John Rowswell Park.

“The biggest thing we push is conquering your fear of heights. We do get a lot of people, all ages, they complete the course and it’s a big milestone for them. Or, they get on to ‘the next step’ and feel comfortable enough to come back in the future to attempt it again,” Taylor grinned.

By the way, if heights just aren’t for you, Taylor and Kasondra offer paintball for individuals and groups to enjoy out at Goulais.

“We do lots of paintball-themed birthday parties,” Taylor said.

“Having Treetop Adventures here at Rotaryfest gives kids in our area the opportunity to do something a little bit different, something out of the box, and we like getting these same people to come out to Goulais. It’s a good opportunity for us to offer outdoor opportunities to anyone, local people or visitors to the area.”

Treetop Adventures is child-friendly, but requires participants to be at least four feet six inches tall, Taylor adding many older kids (including people in their 70s) enjoy the course.

“It’s good for team building,” Taylor said. 

“We do corporate groups, hockey teams...usually you have a dominating person in your office and it helps them work as part of a team, and there are other people who are shy and like being in their comfort zone who go on the course and stand out in a way they wouldn’t otherwise.”

More information can be found on the Treetop Adventures Facebook page.