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VIDEO: 'Virtual choir' a perfect way to end high school, say St. Mary's graduates

SMC Singers go online to showcase year-end performance

The SMC Singers from St. Mary’s College decided to put their talents to use during the Coronavirus pandemic by doing a mashup video of the Charlie Puth songs See You Again and One Call Away.

The idea behind the project was to keep the students singing during their time at home and to give their peers something positive to look back on during this extraordinary time. It’s a project music teacher Kait Tappenden had not envisioned.

“This was quite an experience. From arranging, then recording practice tracks, to mixing audio, and then video editing it was a very detailed project. Since the students did not get to finish out the year with their annual arts festival performance, this video was the perfect solution to giving them an opportunity to show how they have progressed through the year. They did a fantastic job.”

For three graduating students ,this mashup was a great way to wrap up their four years as members of the SMC Singers.

“This is my graduating year, and this virtual choir experience has given me one last song with the people I love to sing with and I am very grateful for it. Being a member of the SMC Singers has been the best part of my high school experience,” said Taylor Pelletier-Cuillerier.

“The virtual choir experience was a great way for us to sing as a group again, despite not being able to be in the same room. After practicing and recording alone it was so cool to hear the harmony come together in the final recording,” said Audrey Grandinetti.

Grandinetti added that she loved her four years with the group and will miss being together with them at rehearsals.

Another graduating member, Maddie Ableson, says she was happy to be able to join a group that allowed her to relax and enjoy herself at the end of a stressful school day.

“This was an awesome way to learn and record a song by myself at home. It was a perfect way to be able to perform for my last time with the SMC Singers. Of course, it was not the same as being on stage but it was really fun and the result was way better than my wildest dreams.”

For one first year member of the group this experience is something she will never forget.

“Online singing is quite fun. I do miss getting to see everyone and joking around but it is pretty cool to see us all together while we’re apart,” said Grade 11 student, Lily Masse.