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VIDEO: New business looks to reduce waste and help the environment

Hearterra opens October 16

Opening a new business is never easy, especially under our current circumstances, but Jody Rebek, Brittany Chabot and Angela de Geus were not about to let their shared vision go unrealized.

Hearterra is the Sault's newest refillery aimed at reducing plastics and changing the shopping habits of local residents. 

The basic idea is to reduce plastics in the environment by cutting down on the number of bottles being purchased and later discarded.

Instead, customers can bring in or purchase their own reusable vessels, which are then filled and refilled when needed. This reduces the amount of plastic waste coming out of a home which helps the environment. 

Hearterra also offers a variety of ethical household products, all made in Canada, many crafted by local artisans. "We really see this as our community store," says Rebek, who hopes to bring in experts for things like DIY workshops and information sessions.

Hearterra has existed exclusively as an online store. The team is excited to finally be opening their doors to be able to engage the public. "We want to know what their hopes and dreams are in regard to what we offer," says Rebek. "Their input is really essential to our success". 

To find out more about Hearterra you can visit their website here, check them out on Facebook here, or just go to the space at 112 March Street for yourself and talk with Jody, Brittany and Angela.