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VIDEO: A Random Act of Kindness brings Sue tears of joy

Sue Lowen has been giving back to the community that she loves for her entire life. Her family and friends wrote numerous heartfelt letters to SooToday explaining why Sue deserves to be on the receiving end of some of the kindness that she gives to others every day. Watch as we surprise Sue with a very meaningful Random Act of Kindness.
Sue Lowen is a beloved community member, who has left a lasting impression on many people's lives. Family and friends wrote to SooToday describing all of the ways that Sue has given generously, even during times when she had to go without herself. They all had the perfect gift in mind for Sue, to show her that the community appreciates all that she does. Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, Random Acts of Kindness was able to give Sue a gift she'll never forget.
Special thanks to Classic Signs for creating the presentation banner for Sue.

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