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VIDEO: Mom's Kitchen is calling you for dinner

Mom's Kitchen is offering food from a variety of cultures

Momta "Mom" Sehgal didn't always cook. It wasn't until she was married that she took up the ladle.

Under the tutelage of her mother and sister in law Mom discovered a love for the culinary arts. 

Shortly after moving to the Sault, Mom made friends with an Italian woman who taught her some local favourites and encouraged her to open a restaurant. 

She learned to cook food from a variety of cultures, which she prepares with an Indian twist. 

"I try to keep my customers' mothers in mind," says Mom. "I want to make the food the way they're used to having at home." 

Cooking dishes that are healthy and filling is key.

"The youth don't care about their food, they eat junk" said Mom. "To avoid this I put in all the vegetables." 

While Mom is in the kitchen, husband Raju tends to front of house, warmly greeting guests as extended family.

Mom's Kitchen is located in The Tech Building 130 Wellington St. East, downtown Sault Ste Marie. For more information check out their Facebook page by clicking here.