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VIDEO: Sault band lays down a track from home, and from Korea

Odd Man Out perform 'Mercy' by Dave Matthew's Band

Odd Man Out started out as three piece acoustic band back in 2001, with Nick Roy on vocals, and brothers Chris and Stephen Myers on guitars. Throughout the years more members were added, and the sound changed to more of a funky rock band!\.In 2005 they released their first album entitled Lost in My Wondering.

Then in 2008, singer Nick Roy moved to South Korea to teach (where he now lives and works full time). This hasn’t stopped the band though, playing show when he comes home for summer. Four years ago they decided to add saxman Josh Norling, drummer Cliff Alloy and record a second album entitled Over the Oceans. All the music was recorded in Sault Ste. Marie and all of the vocals were recorded in Seoul, South Korea! It went over so well, that they have decided to record another album doing the same "international operations" process.

Their third album, entitled Wake Up"is now available for sale. Find out more about Odd Man Out here.