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Don't let winter give you old-looking skin. Moisturize, advises esthetician

Also, meet Gina Fauteux, a local woman who has created her own sea-salt lotions
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The Sault has notoriously harsh winters which can wreak havoc on your skin. We talked to two local skin experts for their best winter skin-care tips.

Amanda Labbe, an esthetician at The Ten Spot, says regular facials are a great way to keep dry skin at bay. And the recommendation doesn’t just pertain to women.

“You’d be surprised how many men come in,” she says. “They need it as much as we do – sometimes even more.”

The Ten Spot facials can range from a quickie 25-minute facial to a complete customization session and feature the dermalogica products.

When sub-zero temps hit, Labbe says your skin is at risk for redness and dryness – which can leave you feeling and looking aged.

“The wind and cold in Sault Ste. Marie can damage your skin for sure,” says Labbe. “The effect is it becomes brittle, dry, and flaky.”

In fact, she says clients often forget just how damaging the season can be.

“In the summer, when you are sweating, your skin is just producing those natural oils that can help the skin stay hydrated. But there’s less chance for that in the winter.”

“The key is hydration,” says Labbe. “You have to make sure you exfoliate in the winter and then lock that in with a moisturizer or a moisture-balanced serom.”

“In winter especially, use a cleanser in the morning, an exfoliant twice a week, and a moisturizer on a daily basis – it’s really the best prevention.”

Gina Fauteux, the owner and creator of Sea Divine products ( came up with the idea to start her own lotions after a breast cancer diagnosis. Currently living in Blind River, Fauteux says she felt inspired to develop her own products after learning about the risks of harmful chemicals in so many of the soaps, serums, and lotions at “normal” drugstores.

“The diagnosis was a turning point for me,” says Fauteux, who is currently in remission. “In 2017, I just took a leap of faith and started to experiment with different ingredients – but I knew I wanted everything to be based on my miracle ingredient – dead sea salt.”

On her website, her “about us” page starts with a quote from the Bible: “He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them – he remains faithful forever” from Psalms 146:6.

Part religious inspiration, part health aspiration, Fauteux had read a lot about the ingredient, learning that despite the fact that the Dead Sea has high concentrations of salt (and no fish can live in it), it’s an incredible source of minerals.

“Magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, potassium, and more,” she says, laughing. “The minerals soften the skin and nourish it – leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated.”

The mother of four and grandmother to 10 set a challenge for herself in 2017. In addition to being recently diagnosed, she worried about her brother who suffered severe psoriasis, a painful and itchy skin condition where extra scales and red patches grow over the skin and a quick rate.

“I told my brother – let me try to make something to fix this,” says Fauteux. “Amazingly, I created something that actually worked . . . and that’s how my whole line evolved.”

She has also received rave reviews from clients who use her Delicate Skin stick for eczema treatments.

“Most people use it for extreme cases of diaper rash – but it’s amazing how well it works for eczema as well.”

Sea Divine is sold at the Country Way, the Mill Market, and other local stores.