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Young lawyers help Soo law firm look to the future

O’Neill DeLorenzi Nanne team members drawn back to their home town
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Every lawyer at the law firm of O’Neill DeLorenzi Nanne left Sault Ste. Marie to study and a couple even practiced law in another city, but over time they were drawn back to their hometown. Founded in 1969, this firm has decades of legal experience within its walls.

Two of the newest team members are Kendall Barban and Samantha Charlebois. Barban, who specializes in real estate, wills, corporate and commercial law was called to the bar in 2019. She mentions, in her experience, it can be difficult for law firms in smaller cities to recruit young lawyers. “To become a lawyer, you have to article or do a placement. Usually when you get established in a firm, it’s not that often that people will come back.”

Samantha Charlebois, who focuses on family law said, “Our firm is excited to have the opportunity to offer placements and articling positions, which have been helpful in recruiting young lawyers such as myself, to establish their practice in the Sault.” Their current articling student is Hilary Peters.

Lawyer Jesse Cond attended law school down south and couldn’t wait to get back home to the Sault. Michael Nanne was away from Sault Ste Marie for 20 years, including seven practicing law at a boutique firm in Toronto before returning home. Richard DeLorenzi has been with ODN almost since the firm was established.

Law firm partners Michael O’Neill, Brian DeLorenzi and Michael Nanne have extensive legal experience. O’Neill has been practicing law for over four decades. DeLorenzi has been a lawyer for 20 years and Nanne was called to the Ontario Bar in 2006.

There is a depth of experience and no shortage of mentors to guide young lawyers in this full-service firm. Their expertise ranges from civil litigation to family law to employment disputes and corporate law.

The team understands that dealing with lawyers can be intimidating. But they want clients to know they are not only skilled, they are approachable as well.

The goal at ODN is to help clients navigate the maze of legal issues and to resolve the matter as efficiently and favourably as possible.

If you would like to contact O’Neill DeLorenzi Nanne please call (705) 949-6901; Email: or visit: