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When is the best time to replace your mattress?

Sleepy’s owner explains when to retire your old mattress and what’s new in the world of sleep
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As we mature, we learn that watching what we eat and regular exercise are critical to our health and wellness, however, quality sleep also plays an important role. From the earliest of nursery stories, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we learn about the role that comfort plays in our sleep. And in The Princess and the Pea, we learn about how sensitive we are to the slightest change in our sleeping patterns. 

Confession time: When was the last time you woke up and said, “I slept like a baby?” 

“The average life of a mattress is ten years and upwards of 15 years for a top quality one,” said Paul Degilio, manager/owner of Sleepy’s Mattress Express. “But people will typically put off buying a new mattress for three years because the one they have is still usable.”

People are often only motivated to actually make a purchase when their sleep is affected. If they’re waking up feeling sore or the bed starts making a noise, he said, that’s usually when they walk through the door at Sleepy’s Mattress Express. 

“Most mattress companies have a 10-year warranty but people’s bodies change. What we slept on five years ago may not be what’s best for us now, especially if you’ve gained weight, had a car accident or are simply aging,” said Paul.  “If your situation has changed, it may be a good time to think about a new mattress.”

Paul knows his way around a room of furniture. As a child, he grew up hanging out at his father’s furniture store in Timmins. As an adult, he was a manager at several different ‘big box’ style furniture stores. He opened Sleepy’s Mattress Express in 1995, with his wife Betty-Anne, on Great Northern Rd. A need for more warehouse space saw them relocate to their current address on Northern Avenue East, in 2008. 

Paul said that the biggest single change in the mattress industry was the introduction of Tempur foam or what is now commonly referred to as ‘memory foam.’ 

“Tempur foam was invented by NASA researchers who were looking for something that could be used on the space shuttle to absorb the G-force experienced by the astronauts,” said Paul. “Tempur-Pedic foam has only been available to the general public for about 20 years and it has made a huge difference in quality of sleep.”

He explained that on a coil mattress, the coils push back up and give upper pressure while with Tempur-Pedic, there is hardly any upper pressure so that means you toss and turn less. Less moving means better sleep.

Another big change in the mattress industry is the lifestyle bed formerly referred to as a hospital bed, due to the bed’s adjustable components. 

“These beds are now known as lifestyle beds because they can accommodate different sleeping needs of two people in one bed. Manufacturers are also now incorporating different aspects of everyday life such as USB charging ports,” said Paul, adding there is even a model with built-in speakers. 

Another new trend is the ‘bed-in-a-box’ option which is convenient and available in coil or gel mattresses.  

In addition to Tempur-Pedic, Sleepy’s also carries Sealy, Kingsdown, Serta, Springwall and Simmons.

“We take a lot of pride in our customer service and we appreciate the support of our community,” said Paul. “One of the advantages of being a speciality store is that we stock a lot of mattresses here, so there’s no waiting weeks for your mattress to arrive. We are also consistent in our pricing, have a combined 80 years of experience between our sales staff and rotate our sales, but they are in effect for extended periods.”

Most Deliveries within the city are free, usually within a day or two, and they complete  the full set-up. Plus they’ll remove the old mattress and box spring. Paul said the customer feedback on their attention-to-detail delivery is frequently complimented on by customers.

“When we leave, the only thing left to do is for you to make the bed,” said Paul. And have a good night’s sleep. 

Sleepy’s Mattress Express is located at 251 Northern Ave. East. Find them online at or give them a call at 705-254-4270. 

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.