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Top 3 reasons to preplan your funeral today

It’s important to talk about death sooner rather than later
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Though thinking and talking about it may be difficult, death and its inevitability offer the opportunity to get your affairs in order and ease the burden that can come along with your passing. 

Here are three reasons why you should consider pre-planning your funeral today:

1.    Take responsibility and ease the burden of planning

Within 24 hours after a death, there are over 70 details that need to be tended to. Who should be responsible for handling these tough decisions? 

Having a plan makes a difficult time easier for loved ones by alleviating any confusion or disagreements about your final wishes. 

Getting started with pre-planning has never been easier. Some funeral homes offer easy-to-use online planning tools and pre-planning checklists to ensure no detail is missed.  

2.    Ensure your final wishes are met

Do you have specific preferences for your funeral? What type of service do you have in mind? Will you be buried or cremated? How about music and readings? Creating a funeral plan eliminates questions about your final wishes so you can take comfort in knowing how your life will be celebrated once you’re gone.

3.    Relieve the burdened of funeral costs for your family

Planning allows you to make important arrangements to cover the cost of your funeral so your family doesn’t have to bear any financial responsibility when you die.

When it comes to planning your funeral and pre-payment, you can enter into a trust account where your money will earn interest until funeral costs must be covered. Interest rates are reviewed quarterly to ensure the best rate of return. Plus, trusting offers flexible payment plans.

Pre-paying provides protection from price inflation so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the final bill. 

Trusting is one of the most established way to prepay your final wishes. For more information, contact your local funeral home

And if you’ve already made arrangements and want to change funeral homes, don’t worry - existing funeral plans are transferable. 

Incentives when you pre-plan

Some funeral homes offer incentives and further opportunities to save when pre-arranging a service. Locally owned and operated, O’Sullivan Funeral Home is currently offering those who make pre-arrangements before September 30, 2020, the opportunity to save the tax, adding one more benefit to planning ahead. 

A funeral isn’t just for the person who passes away, it’s also for the many friends and loved ones who live on. Pre-planning encourages meaningful closure and facilitates the grieving process so the people you’re survived by can heal.

Have more questions about pre-planning your funeral, payment information, or immediate need arrangements? Contact O’Sullivan Funeral home at 705-759- 8456 or visit