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The Changing Face of Rental Housing

Why many people are deciding to take advantage of the apartment lifestyle in Sault Ste Marie

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in thinking about living in local rental apartment buildings. What was once perceived as a last resort option for those who couldn’t afford to own real estate has evolved into a lifestyle choice – intended for people who appreciate the benefits that rental units have to offer. Here are some of the reasons behind this shift in thinking.

Renting Frees Up Capital:

For people who are tired of being “house poor”, selling and renting offers them access to the money that they had tied up in equity. This allows them to take advantage of a seller’s real estate marketplace without having to re-invest in another property, freeing up their money to invest elsewhere as they see fit.

Renting Frees up Time:

Whether you are an empty nester, a young professional, or someone launching a second career, life is busy. For some people, it makes sense to let a property management company take care of everything from the landscaping to snow clearing. That time can be best spent doing the things that matter most to you.

Renting Reduces Worry:

The best places to rent clearly state what you are responsible for, and what the property management company covers. This includes heating / air conditioning, appliances, and other maintenance issues. Knowing that you’re covered if something goes wrong offers peace of mind that you wouldn’t have if you owned instead of renting. When choosing a residence, always make sure that your property management company is reputable and respected. Asking current residents and reading Google reviews can help in the selection process. 
“The best property managers”, says Brenda Greenwood-Vernem, Marketing Coordinator for Williams & McDaniel Property Management, “are personable, responsive, local and on-site.” Do not settle for less.

Renting Builds Communities:

Well managed apartment buildings foster a sense of community living. The tenants tend to share the same values, which breeds a subculture of people who view their living situation in a new way and take advantage of the benefits of the apartment rental lifestyle.

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