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Start the racing season out by jumping into the drivers seat

On June 25th Laird Raceway will kick off the season with the first annual LIR Enduro '100'

Laird Raceway is the place to be on June 25, 2022 with racing back in Northern Ontario with enduro cars hitting the track for the first annual LIR Enduro ‘100’.

The LIR Enduro 100 is for inexperienced drivers to season veterans entering this auto race.

Thirty-plus cars will take to 1/3 mile at Laird raceway for the first racing action of 2022 and first time since the summer of 2019. Race fans take a deep breath and watch this incredible event that is open to any who wants to drive a car, mini van, small SUV, Jeep or small pick up and race this 100 lap endure event at Laird Raceway for a chance at $4,000.00.

Enduro racing is a fun, simple and affordable way to provide any who wants to jump into the seat with an economic means to participate in the sport.

For many years this popular form of racing has pitted man and machine against the fast high banks at race tracks in North America and now we will see this racing at Laird Raceway. The goal in enduro racing is to complete the scheduled 100 laps as fast as possible without causing either crash damage or mechanical failure with single drivers or teams making driver changes through the schedule stops. 

Saturday, June 25th will also feature bus races.

Pricing for the LIR Enduro 100 will be $10.00 grandstand for 17-74 with youth under 16 and under and 75+ FREE.

If you are a interested in racing June 25th LIR Enduro 100 we encourage you to bring to contact Shauna at Laird Raceway and put someone new in it to race (friend, family member, crew member) behind the wheel of a endure car to open the 2022 race season at Laird Raceway.

For more information at the LIR Enduro 100 and the 2022 race schedule visit Laird Raceway online here