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Spotlight: Made in Canada – 5 simple tips on how to choose quality wood furniture that lasts a lifetime

“Canadian made” is representative of artisan traditions that are rooted firmly in craftsmanship and a sense of pride that is derived from sourcing domestic materials of unmatched quality.
171026 Spotlight: Mio's Furniture

Nothing reflects our country’s tradition of timeless, functional artistry like Canadian made furniture. With some of the world’s most diverse offering of lumber and raw materials, it’s no wonder that Canada is at the forefront of furniture manufacturing.

“Canadian made furniture has its foundation in durability with equal emphasis placed on composition, functionality and aesthetics,” explains Marco De Rubeis
Store Manager at Mio’s Furniture Fashions in Sault Ste. Marie. “Specifically, domestic brands like the ones we carry are celebrated for not only their elegant finishes but the level of detail placed on construction.”

“Because not all furniture was created equal, consumers can look to elements of construction to determine quality. Our goal is to educate people about the products available to them so they can make the best and most informed decision about investments for their home.”

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to identify top-level craftsmanship in furnishings:

1. When investing in a piece of wood furniture, it’s important to understand its composition. Manufacturers are discovering new ways to reduce costs and one way they’re doing this is by replacing solid wood construction with flakeboard or fibreboard. This can compromise the integrity of the furniture and significantly reduce its lifespan. Always ask for clarification from a sales associate about not only how the piece is constructed, but with what material.

2. Look for furniture made from Canadian wood. Domestically grown wood like birch, cherry, maple, ash and walnut are already acclimatised to our environment. When wood materials are imported from more humid offshore climates, they can become stressed as they dry and adapt to the new atmosphere. Often the result is warping or cracking.

3. Take a look inside. You wouldn’t buy a car without looking at the engine, would you? What “drives” the high standards of most Canadian made furniture are the nuances of construction. Performance and ultimate quality of wood furniture is determined by the building techniques used to create them. High quality pieces will be held together and stabilized by finger joints, mortise and tenon joints, corner blocking and fitted backs.


171026 Spotlight: Mio's Furniture 2Caption

4. Pay special attention to moving parts. High quality drawers most often have faces that are dovetailed and will smoothly open and shut. Make sure all drawers close evenly and are equipped with panels and bottoms that are free floating to resist cracking or warping due to changes in humidity.

5. Feel for quality. There’s no doubt your furniture will be moved or bumped in its lifetime. It’s always a good idea to check the integrity of a piece by
shifting it back and forth or moving on edge to identify any twisting or weaknesses. Quality furniture will resist “giving” under these stresses.

These high standards to look for can be identified in the majority of products made by Canadian furniture manufacturers. Not only that, but buying Canadian is an ethical choice which supports our economy.

“90% of the brands we carry at Mio’s are Canadian because they’re built to last and affordable,” Says Mio’s owner Jav Ghassemkhani. “We want to give the best level of quality to our customers. Furniture that is Canadian made represent a collection of all the elements that make it durable and fashionable.”

For more information about a selection of Canadian made products, visit Mio’s Furniture Fashions’ showroom at 261 Trunk Rd., or go to