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Spotlight: How this type of tourism is changing how we vacation

Welcome to a place where exhilaration and relaxation flawlessly intersect.

Imagine a destination that recaptures your sense of adventure, transporting you to places you forgot existed. A wonderland of natural unmatched beauty, blanketed in shimmering white, where imagination drifts with the snow and expectations are shattered like ice.

It is a destination where your heart races and time stands still.

Welcome to winter adventure tourism.

Adventure tourism is a highly popular and often adrenaline filled travel trend that has developed rapidly over the past decade. At its core, adventure tourism
incorporates a dimension of excitement and physical activity to the travel experience, giving people road-less traveled memories that are highly share-worthy.

More and more people are choosing to seek adventure vacations, trading in their bathing suits for snowsuits, blue skies for skis, and dancing shoes for snowshoes.

Why adventure tourism?

In this digital era filled with computers, smart phones and social media, travelers are thinking differently about why they’re attracted to a destination. They seek an
experience filled with exploration and adventure – a departure from the everyday that adds value to life beyond simply getting away for a break.

Adventure tourism checks a number of boxes for individuals and families. Beyond an adrenaline rush, it offers a real, raw and engaging way to experience a destination, incorporating physical elements that benefit health.

Plus it’s, well, really FUN.

People are choosing Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan is a premier destination for adventure tourism. Just three hours south of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, this Northern Michigan gem draws in
winter thrill seekers and active families from all over North America and the world.

This quaint and scenic area boasts multiple ski and snowboard destination making it a slope-seekers dream. Enjoy an adrenaline rich experience on over 75 shimmering, snow-crested slopes that will test riders and skiers of all skill levels.

Explore vast acres of picturesque forest and parkland on snowshoes, cross country skis or fat tire bikes while becoming captivated by the raw beauty of Traverse City’s surrounding region.

And have your breath taken away as you soar over 100 miles of accessible, pristine, groomed snowmobile trails.

With high quality accommodation options, a celebrated food culture and access to specialty shops to keep you outfitted, Traverse City is a quintessential and natural choice for the adventurous spirit. Just hit PLAY and see for yourself.

Traverse City makes winter a little less ordinary and a lot more thrilling. Start planning your next adventure now by visiting




This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.