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Savoy’s Jewellers shares its top tips to making your jewellery last

Diamonds maybe forever, but you have to take care of them
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There is a famous saying about how diamonds are forever but, like all fine jewellery, they do need some TLC.  An occasional cleaning or inspection will ensure the stability and beauty of the piece but it can actually be everyday actions that can take a toll on your fine jewellery.

“People will often remove jewellery when they’re doing the dishes or gardening chores but, realistically, there are other, often-unexpected ways that are more likely to cause damage,” says Nicholas Rosset, co-owner of Savoy’s alongside his cousin Ryan Rosset.

Here are Savoy’s Jewellers top tips on how to ensure the longevity and brilliance of your jewellery.

Always apply makeup and hair spray before your jewellery 

Hairspray can put a film on jewellery that will dull the metal lustre or the brilliance of a diamond.

Remove all jewellery before settling into the hot tub or pool 

Chlorine can degrade the metals that are in the solder that holds your ring together

Stagger your rings if you’re going to be clapping

If you’re clapping at a concert or show and your rings are continually hitting each other, you can end up with scratches and dents on the bands.

Pulling the stem on your watch does not save the battery

Pulling out the stem creates an opening for dust and moisture to enter the inner workings of a watch and can ruin the movement. When you pull the stem on your watch, it stops the internal gears from moving. However, the battery is still supplying power to the watch.

Leave the opals out of the safety deposit box

Banks use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture and protect paper. This drier air will dry out opals causing them to crack. 

Leave your jewellery at home if you are going to do heavy lifting at the gym

If you’re lifting barbells, leave the rings at home. The metal bar can create abrasions or dents on your rings.

If you’re not sure how to take care of a piece of jewellery, don’t be shy to ask, says Nicholas. And if something looks irregular or that there may be damage, bring it to your local jeweller to have it assessed. Often, pieces can be quickly brought back to their regular lustre and brilliance. 

“We can usually clean and inspect your piece of jewellery while you wait,” says Nicholas. He adds that jewellery is an investment so it is important to use a jeweller who you trust and feel comfortable asking as many questions as you need to, from purchase to storage to cleaning.

And for quality pieces requiring an appraisal for insurance purposes, Savoy’s also offers an appraisal service with a turnaround quote provided within a few days. 

Check out Savoy’s Jewellers online at To connect with Savoy’s about services and products, email or call 705-253-9703.