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Savoy’s Jewellers makes diamond-buying a brilliant experience

Buying a diamond retains popularity as a visual, in-person experience
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Ryan Rosset, Savoy's Jewellers

In a world where countless sales transactions are conducted online every second, there’s still a gentler, more intimate pace associated with buying a diamond.

“Buying a diamond in Sault Ste. Marie is still very much a visual experience,” says Nicholas Rosset, co-owner of Savoy’s Jewellers with his cousin Ryan Rosset. “The face-to-face experience of actually getting a perspective of the size and detail of the diamond really helps people to focus on what it is they’re looking for and what may be within their respective budget.”

Buying an engagement ring has evolved into more of a ‘couple’s’ process where each person will often come with their own ideas.

“People are often influenced by something they’ve seen on Pinterest or another social media site,” says Nicholas. “We’re happy to walk them through the process of all of the considerations that come into play when purchasing a diamond.”

What to look for in a diamond

When considering a diamond, there are the 4 C’s of Diamonds at Savoy’s: carat, clarity, colour and cut.  Diamonds are generally sold by weight with the unit of measure called carats. Clarity refers to the presence of natural inclusions that make up the unique “fingerprint” of the diamond, this is a very important factor. And a diamond can be colourless along a spectrum that graduates into a light yellow. The cut of a diamond – which Savoy’s recommends in the good to excellent category – should reflect all of the properly scaled proportions to maximize the sparkle the diamond produces.

“Currently, round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut followed by oval and then cushion,” says Nicholas. Cushion is a pillow-shaped diamond with rounded corners. White gold bands remain a favourite but traditional yellow is gaining ground.

“People enjoy handpicking the diamond they want and then letting our goldsmiths do the work,” he says. 

As for the budget, that in-person experience provides the best example of what values are associated with the 4 C’s.

“Come in and do some recognizance and we’ll be able to show you what is available,” says Nicholas. Both Savoy’s locations have enough square footage to allow for social distancing so no appointment is typically necessary. Their website features a vast array of engagement rings, as well as other fine jewellery, so taking an on-line look at their inventory can also be a starting off point in identifying liked features.

“We ask that you do call for an appointment if you are looking at having one of our goldsmiths or gemologists create a custom ring from design specifications,” he says. Both Rossets are certified through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is recognized as the leading source of knowledge, standards and education in gems and jewellery.

Check out Savoy’s Jewellers online at To connect with Savoy’s about services and products, email or call 705-253-9703.