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Reliable testing when the guidelines keep changing

As COVID continues to make headlines and the guidance around what to do and when to test changes, there is one reliable solution.

Serving Northern Ontario, NorthStream has helped thousands since the pandemic began. The company, first known for its many work safety programs and training, was quick to offer rapid, mobile testing in early 2020. Now, it’s a go-to destination for anyone needing an antigen, PCR or NAAT test.

NorthStream is actively reducing its PCR testing prices.

If you want a PCR tests and cannot access the assessment centre, an affordable, private test from NorthStream is a fast and reliable option.

Currently, publicly funded PCR tests are only being offered to symptomatic people in a few categories, including:

  • Hospitalized patients
  • Patients in emergency departments
  • Patient-facing health care workers
  • Staff, residents, essential care providers, and visitors in hospitals and congregate living settings, including long-term care, retirement homes, First Nation elder care lodges, group homes, shelters, hospices, and correctional institutions
  • Eligible outpatients
  • Under housed or homeless
  • First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities and individuals travelling into these communities for work

(For a full list of those eligible click here.)

NorthStream strives to be the region’s most agile and affordable testing solution. Visit for pricing and to ask about discounted group rates.

The pandemic is going to be with us for quite some time, but thanks to accessible private testing, you, your workplace, or your travel group can live, work, play and visit with confidence. To learn more about NorthStream’s COVID tests and other services, visit their website today.