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North Channel Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is celebrating 5 years serving the Sault

Bob Coutu, owner of North Channel, explains the company's growth and services

North Channel Heating and Air Conditioning is celebrating their fifth year serving the Sault and surrounding areas.

Bob Coutu, owner of North Channel, has led the company in growing from two to ten full-time employees over the last five years and has had the pleasure of meeting many friendly faces along the way. He strongly believes in the importance of introducing young people to the trades, providing full-time employment, training, and apprenticeship opportunities for many local youths. North Channel is home to experienced, knowledgeable and licensed tradesmen ticketed in refrigeration, gas and sheet metal.

Is North Channel Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. new to you? Not to worry, by the end of this article you will have a pretty good understanding what the company is all about - it is not just HVAC! Are you ready? Bob explains:  

Let’s start with what we do!

We provide, install, service and maintain quality equipment made by well-known companies such as Trane and Valor. Are you in need of ductwork, custom sheet metal, or electrical upgrades? Is your gas appliance in need of an inspection? Are you considering new equipment and would like a free estimate? Do you need your gas or refrigeration equipment safely removed and disposed of? We’ve got you covered! For more information, please visit us online or call us at 705-971-1976.

Family and community are everything!

We are proud of the young technicians that work for North Channel! It has been/is our privilege to nurture them from labourers to fully qualified technicians. They are not just employees, they are family. In the last two years we, like everyone else, have not been able to be involved in the community as much as we would have liked. However, North Channel plans on continuing where we left off by participating in events and contributing in other ways.

Environmental stewardship is important to North Channel.

We try to source our equipment as local as possible, assist our clients in participating in the Canada greener homes program and ensure safe disposal of unwanted/old equipment. Did you know that our Valor fireplaces are made in Canada, that you could qualify for up to $5,000 in equipment rebates, and that our technicians are trained in removing the freon from your appliances? We can work together to protect the environment for the future.

North Channel Heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to improving your home’s comfort and efficiency with quality products and services. We are available to you at any time, should you have an emergency. We are extremely grateful to be working in such an amazing area with wonderful individuals and businesses who have and continue to choose North Channel. We are a local company with local employees serving local people. The question we would like to leave you with is:

How can we help you?

Find us online or call 705 971-1976.