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New to downtown: The Soo welcomes Forty-Five Social

Behind the scenes with the founders of Sault Ste. Marie's newly opened men's shop, café/bar and barbershop
Forty-Five Social team
New to the Soo, Forty-Five Social is the brainchild of Mike Flammia, Sue Flammia, Robby Calvano, and Tara Calvano.

Who is the 21st Century Man and what does he embody?

The founders of Forty-Five Social set out to create a unique experience. One that would celebrate all the qualities and traits that they believe men should feel proud to exhibit. Respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for style.

Forty-Five Social is the brainchild of Mike Flammia, Sue Flammia, Robby Calvano, and Tara Calvano. As people who care about their community, they saw an opportunity to not only help revitalize the downtown core but also offer a welcoming environment for all to celebrate being the best version of themselves. 

“Yes, we wanted a clothing store where we could find the kinds of brands and styles we love, but it’s more than that,” says Mike Flammia.

Both couples have children, and it was important to them that their children grow up in a community where the values they believe in are embraced …where men are confident but respectful, strong but considerate and free to be themselves.

“I want a store where I can go and shop for the men in my life,” states Tara Calvano, noting she loves timeless elements of masculine style, such as a well-groomed beard or a well-tailored shirt. “Forty-Five Social offers fashionable and affordable men’s wear, men’s barbering, a café/bar, as well as a social and relaxed atmosphere that captures the essence of the 21st Century Man."

“Forty-Five Social is more than a place you go to unwind after a long day. It’s more than a store, a barbershop, or even a brand,” concludes Flammia.“ It represents an optimistic sense of decency and respect, shown to everyone who walks through the doors."

From clothing to whiskey, from shoes to coffee, and from style to the embodiment of positive values, Forty-Five Social is a place where everyone is welcome, be that for shopping or simply to have a drink with friends.

Forty-Five Social is located at 117 Spring St., in the old Cliffe Printing building. Visit Forty-Five Social on Facebook and Instagram to learn more, or just walk in, look around, and discover something new for yourself.