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New Soo business, Integrity Heavy Repair aims to make a difference

Brendan “Tex” Nardi and Eric Montpetit are on a mission to bring integrity back to the vehicle repair industry
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Brendan “Tex” Nardi and Eric Montpetit are on a mission to bring integrity back to the vehicle repair industry.

Drivers know what it’s like. In addition to the cost of automotive repair, handing the means of your commute or your business (as is the case with trucking) to a mechanic requires a giant leap of faith – as not every service provider has your best interests at heart. From CBC’s expose on high pressure, overselling tactics used widely in the industry to your own car sharing digital data with manufacturers, it’s no wonder Sault Ste. Marie residents feel a sense of dread when their vehicle needs repairs.
For Tex and Eric, the lack of confidence in the industry has been unacceptable. The heavy truck and equipment technicians have more than 30 years of experience between the two of them. They opened Integrity Heavy Repair to ensure Sault Ste. Marie drivers and commercial truck owners could get the repairs they needed with zero upselling and pressure tactics, and with the honesty and transparency they deserve. 

Although named Integrity Heavy Repair, Tex and Eric service both heavy and light duty vehicles including heavy equipment, in addition to servicing commercial fleets and running diagnostics. Tex is a licensed 310T technician and was awarded 100 per cent on his Certificate of Qualifications – only three students in Canada managed that feat that year. He continues his pursuit of certified auto, truck, coach and heavy equipment training, always eager to learn the new tools of the trade. Eric wielded a wrench since he, as a child, was first able to tear things apart and rebuild them. He formalized his mechanical talent with a truck and coach apprenticeship and ongoing training. 

Together their aim is to run a shop that everyone in the Soo  can be  proud of; a place where integrity is assured, drivers are confident in the service, and the operations are an inspiration to other repair shops across Ontario.

“We strongly believe that a person’s handshake is their word, honesty is the best policy, and to walk everyday with integrity. We want to bring that back to our industry!” say Tex and Eric. “We are a couple of young guys that are here to do more than fix vehicles. We want to deliver a service where integrity is the name of the game. We believe in this so strongly, we put it in the company name.”

Just one of the ways they espouse this value is in how they treat their quotes. According the Consumer Protection Act, Part VI Repairs to Motor Vehicles and Other Goods, the final cost charged cannot be more than 15 per cent above the quote, or in the absence of a formal quote, more than the maximum amount agreed upon. This gives shops legal leeway to charge the full quote plus 15 per cent (whether warranted or not). Integrity Heavy Repair’s policy is to only charge for work done, up to the quoted value.

“If the quote is for 10 hours but it took us eight, you only get billed for eight,” explains Tex. “To us, this is just decency and honesty.”

There is a choice of auto repair shops in the Sault Ste. Marie area. The experienced, customer-focused founders of Integrity Heavy Repair understand vehicle owners’ hesitation in trying to choose the best one. Tex and Eric back each service and repair with integrity while actively advocating for an industry where the consumer can choose any repair shop with confidence. Learn more at