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Local denture professionals welcoming new patients and offering free consultations

Patients will benefit from their in-house lab service and digital technologies
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Registered denturists Stephanie Koprash and Cassidy Irwin are eager to help their patients achieve a healthy, confident smile.

Their new business, Dental Solutions, opened June 13 on Pim Street and is providing no-charge consultations.

Both graduates of George Brown College, Koprash and Irwin are trained in the design, construction, fitting and adjustment of complete and removable partial dentures and look forward to providing patients with the quick and personalized service made possible by the clinic's in-house lab.

"Most denture clinics don't have an in-house lab service; we have a full dental lab, so everything is done here in the Sault, creating jobs as well as speeding up the whole process," says Irwin, who moved from Ajax to work at Dental Solutions, which provides a wide selection in denture care services.

"We also have new digital technologies," she added. "The technology in the dental industry is growing, but it isn't yet ideal for intra-oral scanning of soft tissue to create digital dentures, but we're planning to do that as well."

Dental Solutions focuses on complete dentures, partial dentures, implant retained, and immediate dentures, along with repairs and relines — required when tissue changes occur from weight loss, tooth loss, loss of bone/tissue, disease or illness.

Although the business was ready to open two years earlier, the pandemic and other life surprises delayed the opening.

"I was busy having babies, so we're just getting things open now," says Koprash, a recipient of the Ben Sweet Memorial Award from the Denturist Association of Ontario.

Irwin and Koprash will be working at the clinic office full-time and accepting new patients with no referral needed.

To book a no-charge consultation with one of the denturists, call 705-910-4491, email or visit them online here.