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Local Couple Proves That Racing at Laird Raceway is Truly a Family Affair

Allison and Rob Wagner met through their love of racing, and are raising the next generation of drivers

Allison Premo came by her love of racing honestly – from her father. As a young girl, she fell in love with the sport. Years later, when Laird International Raceway opened in 1999, she immediately volunteered her services. She worked there for a while, then left for a short time, and is now back. Over time she has worn many hats for the track: starting as a hug fan, moving to working on the car, to helping organize the races.

“When 2014 rolled around, the track had become a central part in my life” she says, “as well as that of my three young children.” It seemed only natural that when she started dating a man named Rob Wagner, that he also share her passion for racing. Truly he did, he was a NASCAR fan. He was also raising three kids, and through the love of the sport and each other, soon Allison became a Wagner, and the families were blended. Quickly, the Wagner clan became a mainstay at the track. All of the kids would go cheer Rob on, as he bought a car and started racing. Allison’s brother, Andrew Premo also took up the mantle and started running in the four cylinder class. Allison and Rob’s extended families would come cheer the group on. This was becoming a true family affair. And then it happened. After watching a race in which Dustin Jackson – Guinness World Record holder as youngest stock car driver – participated, Allison’s Daughter Kayla announced “Now I want a car”. In 2019, sixteen year old Kayla Kurnell made her debut in the same class as her uncle Andrew, with her grandparents in the stands. Rob moved
up a class allowing Kayla to get behind the wheel. And just like that, the next generation of racing has started in this family.

The family feel extends beyond just blood relatives. All of the drivers share a camaraderie that is genuine. They help each other out, and make themselves available at the end of the races so that the fans can come, meet them and eventually become part of the extended racing family. “This feels”, says Allison Wagner “like it’s a family reunion every week.”

How great is that?

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