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Local and sustainable beauty in the Soo

Azure Salon Spa Medispa is a luxury full-service experience that can’t be missed
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Azure Salon Spa Medispa, in Sault Ste. Marie is for busy people of any age who want to treat themselves to a luxury experience outside their daily routine. 

Whitney MacKenzie, general manager for Azure, said that if clients are looking to unwind and destress, this team will fully take care of them from head to toe, offering beverages to take their relaxation to the next level.

“When people walk in, they say it looks like they've left Sault Ste. Marie and they've gone to a big city,” MacKenzie said. “There's nothing like it in Sault Ste. Marie. So they feel like they get to relax and just escape all the day-to-day things, and they appreciate that.”

Whether it’s vacation prep or maintenance, clients can get their airbrush tan, skin glowing, hair cut, coloured, and body waxed, all done in one place in one day by leading experts in their field. 

You need to try the HydraFacial 

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Or, if you’re noticing lines and spots in your video calls that weren’t there before, the wait for salon and spa services is over. 

MacKenzie recommends the HydraFacial. Although it’s humid here in the Soo, that doesn’t always translate to dewy and glowy skin. Sometimes it can make you a sweaty, hot mess.

Azure’s HydraFacial machine has a three-step process. It's a deep cleanse, extraction, and rehydration, minimizing dark spots and decreasing fine lines.

“We have three different types of HydraFacial. So depending on the type of service you want, we have the signature, which is 30 minutes, then we have 45 and another one which is an hour. The hour-long one encompasses facial massage and lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness.”

Beauty that’s local and sustainable 

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MacKenzie said she’s proud to be part of a company that’s locally-and-sustainably minded. Azure is a locally owned, locally operated business. The whole team, from the social media guru to their salon, spa and medispa technicians, is proudly local to the Soo. 

“A lot of people are making purchasing decisions based on how the environment is being treated, how the team is being treated, are they keeping their money local, and so that is 100 per cent. What we are doing here.”

Partnering with Green Circle Salons, Azure ships out their waste to properly dispose of chemicals and waste, reducing what goes into landfills and the water system. 

Azure only offers natural, vegan products and ingredients such as Alumier, science-backed, medical-grade skincare products with coral reef-safe sunscreen.

“All of that is something that we're very conscious of when making purchasing decisions about what we're bringing into the business,” she said. “The impact we're making on the community and the environment is super important to us.”

Celebrating five amazing years 

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Azure Salon Spa Medispa is hosting a big anniversary party celebrating five years. They’re inviting guests to bring their friends and family to enjoy an evening of food, refreshments and service samplings. 

“If you’ve gone to a food tasting or wine tasting—we’ll have a service tasting, so you can see what the experiences are like.”

They will feature tastings from each service they offer, such as hair touchups, hair consultations, laser treatments, laser hair removal, HydraFacials, and lymphatic sculpting massage. There will be so much to try out. Oh—and the party will also have exclusive sales. 

MacKenzie said these past five years had been a wild ride. 

“It's been interesting to learn the industry and continually grow our employees and our service offerings and see our clientele grow, making sure that their experience is the best they can possibly get.”

MacKenzie would also like to thank her team; these past five years would not have been possible without them. 

“They're absolutely amazing. They're constantly working on improving themselves and the experience for the guest, and they go above and beyond to make sure that guests feel comfortable when they come in.”

The anniversary party will be in the fall—keep your eyes open for your exclusive invitation!

Schedule a complimentary consultation or request an appointment with the salon, spa or medispa (or all three) today.