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Job opportunities with First Student now available in the Sault

Includes a $1000 sign-on bonus
First Student/Shaker Media spotlight

Are you looking for a job that pays you well, treats you well, and gives you a sense of well-being?

If so, your future might involve driving a school bus. First Student, the largest transportation company in North America, is currently hiring school bus drivers. No experience or special training is necessary. In fact, we provide all the training you’ll need to drive the bus and get your B license—AND we’re offering a $1,000 sign-on bonus for new hires.

While operating a school bus might seem intimidating, First Student is dedicated to helping drivers succeed. We will make sure you’re well equipped for every aspect of the job, from driving the bus, to performing inspections, to relating to the students. And with our DriverHub tablet technology, you’ll get directions for your routes, insights into the bus’ mechanics, and real-time coaching, so you can drive with peace of mind. All you need is the desire to put your career in the driver’s seat as you perform an invaluable service for your local community.

And as you take care of the students, First Student wants to take care of you.

In addition to the $1,000 sign-on bonus, parents are also allowed to bring their young children along for the ride, and in the time between morning and afternoon runs means you’ll have the freedom in your schedule to take care of errands, handle the grocery shopping, and make doctors’ appointments. Plus, your calendar is the same as the school’s calendar, and that means you get off all holidays and vacations.

Because First Student is the industry leader in transportation, you’ll also get the benefits that come with working with a company that’s focused on its future—and the future of its employees. First Student drivers operate modern buses that are built on innovation, including air-cushioned driver seats that offer more support and greater comfort than traditional seats, automatic door-opening systems that keep you from wearing out your arm, computerized diagnostic tools that give you clarity into your bus’ mechanics, and an innovative mirror system that greatly increases drivers’ visibility. When you drive a First Student bus, you’ll feel in control.

You’ll also be in control of your future. The transportation industry is fast moving and forever evolving, so there are always opportunities to advance within the company.

Working for First Student isn’t just about driving a bus. It’s also about fostering relationships, being a proud member of the community, and more than anything, creating a safe and welcoming space for students as they begin and end their day. It’s about providing an environment where kids feel seen and cared for, setting them up to succeed at school and safely carrying them into their futures. It’s about bringing people from one place to another.

If this sounds like you, First Student would love to make you part of its team. Because the journey is always better together.

View all our career opportunities at or call 705-759-2192.