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How to make home renovations go smoother

Have your materials hauled away quickly and safely
just junk

If there’s a positive consequence for homeowners who have had to isolate at home during the pandemic it’s that many of them have decided to complete long-overdue DIY renovation projects. Whether it’s painting and redecorating or full-on renovation projects, there has been a flurry of activity being channeled into home improvements across the entire country. For those still considering renovations, developing a plan for fast and safe removal of construction debris is an important step of the process according to one local junk removal business. 

“We’re a full-service junk removal company,” said Jason Biggar of Just Junk. “We’ll come right into your home or business to remove whatever needs removing. I’ve been inside, on top and underneath houses. We’ll do whatever it takes to do the removal.”

Biggar said his company has noticed a huge increase in people renovating during the pandemic, and that has meant an increase in demand for junk removal services like Just Junk. Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, however, Biggar and his team have had to make adjustments to how they facilitate the removal of construction debris being generated in homes and businesses. 

“At the beginning of the pandemic we weren’t going into people’s houses,” he said. “We were asking people to leave it in the garage or the driveway for pick up and we offered a 10 percent discount for that. Since things are getting back to normal, we’re back going into people’s homes and removing what they want removed, but we’re still offering the discounted option if they prefer to bring it outside themselves.”

Just Junk provides both residential and commercial customers with a viable option for removing the waste that get generated during the execution of any renovation project. That includes things like drywall, lathe and plaster, baseboards, doors, flooring and carpet, kitchen, bath and living room fixtures, electrical wires, plumbing pipes, and lighting fixtures. Whenever possible Just Junk tries to divert reusable materials from the landfill by recycling in an effort to make your reno as green as possible. 

“The only thing we can’t take are hazardous materials,” said Biggar. “If we happen to run into materials like asbestos during a cleanup, we inform the owner and stop the job immediately until such materials are removed.”

Despite the increase in calls requesting service to help clear out renovation jobs, Biggar says Just Junk strives to be on location within 48 hours of contact. That ensures fast and efficient removal of your junk and debris so your job site remains clean and hazard free. For more information, contact Just Junk online at