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How Soo Medical supports both patients and their caregivers

Soo Medical Services: "Let us help take care of you"

Patients living with health concerns or mobility issues can access the medical supplies and equipment they need, right in Sault Ste. Marie.

Now in its second year, Soo Medical Services offers a full range of medical supplies and products for patients and their caregivers. In some cases, the company provides in-demand products to the local healthcare system as well.

“In the two years since we’ve been open, we’ve been told that we carry supplies that can’t be found anywhere else,” says Soo Medical Services manager Ada Mair. “We are very passionate about helping people out and making sure that we find the product that they are looking for. We will spend as much time as possible and will go the extra mile to understand what it is that they are looking for or need. We provide supplies to the local hospital, dentists, some doctor offices, retirement homes and homecare services. If anyone needs medical supplies, we’ll help them out.”

During the pandemic Ada, Kerry and Julie of Soo Medical Services Soo Medical Services provided invaluable support to medical clinics, offices and groups in need of medical supplies and PPE. Now, the shop on Great Northern Road is back to focussing on serving the needs of the general public.

The store offers medical equipment, healthcare supplies and support products for caregivers and patients living with a variety of conditions.

Soo Medical Services often bridges the gap between the help the patient received at the hospital, and the ongoing need for supplies while healing at home.

“Some clients have said that they’ve received supplies from the hospital, but then they run out. It’s not enough, and now they’re in a jam because they don’t have a certain type of dressing, for example. Most likely, we have it here or can order it for them,” says Mair, stressing that education is key in receiving the proper medical supplies. “It is always best to write down or take a picture of which supplies were given from either a hospital or a clinic. We can most likely bring in an item if we have an order number or a manufacturer name. If someone knows that surgery is going to be in their near future we can also make sure to have those items needed before the big day to avoid delays in shipping.”

The shop is well-stocked with supplies including:

  • Mobility aids – socks & slippers for the hospital, devices to assist with eating & feeding oneself
  • Medical aids – pic lines, catheters, incontinence & ostomy supplies
  • General healthcare – wound dressing, thermometers, first-aid, canes & crutches

“I want people in our community to know that, whether it’s a blood pressure machine, crutches or any medical supplies, give us a call. If it’s not in stock I’ll order it, probably for less than what they’d find on their own,” says Mair, who knows all too well the challenges one can face in a healthcare crisis. “I am a cancer survivor, so I know what they’re going through. We have the caregivers who come in to pick up their supplies, and my heart goes out to them too. They just have so much on their plate.”

Having firsthand knowledge of the need for caring support and supplies, Mair and her staff work hard to keep the shop fully stocked, and provide delivery service to customers in the greater Soo area. Delivery is $5 for most areas, and is waived for orders of $50 or more.

Ada, Julie and Kerry are grateful to their neighbours for supporting Soo Medical Services over the past two years, and give back to the community by donating supplies to the local Humane Society, and by supporting doctors who assist patients in third-world countries.

Soo Medical Services operates from Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.  They are located at 656 Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste. Marie and can be reached at (705) 574-0228.