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Five ways to get the most of your day at the racetrack

Laird International Raceway offers tips to make your trip to the racetrack a more enjoyable time.
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For the people who follow racing, they know that it’s a fun-filled event chock-full of adrenaline, gasoline and checkered flags. 

For those who haven’t been to a racetrack, it may seem intimidating, like something that is geared only to people who are mechanically inclined. The truth is, racing truly is for everyone – and fun for all ages, if done right. 

Here are five ways to get the most out of the trip to the track: 

1) Ear Protection: Make sure that everyone in your group has some form of hearing protection. The faster cars go, the louder they get. So instead of suffering hearing loss from a race, or spending your time with your fingers jammed in your ears, bring enough earplugs and headphones for the whole group.

2) Butt Cushion: The bleachers are great for seeing the race, but can be awful on your posterior. Pack a cushion or pillow to sit on – your backside will thank you in the end.

3) Grab a Program: It’s fun to familiarize yourself with the cars and the drivers before the race. That way, you can choose who you think will win before the green flag drops. You also will get to know the friends of the track, and the businesses who support the races.

4) Pick Your Car: Choose one car that you think will win before the race. Make them your choice for the night. Have a playful bet with the people that you’re with – your car will beat their car. It’s fun to choose at the beginning of the night…nothing is scripted so you never know what will happen. Sometimes, you’ll be the big winner – other times, you won’t! That’s the fun of live racing.

5) Remember to Stay Late: After the races, the great tracks in our area open the pit areas to the public so they can meet the drivers and get autographs. Plan to take some time after the races to meet the drivers and crew. They are always happy to meet you, and welcome you to the family of racing drivers and enthusiasts.

“The most important thing,” says Allison Wagner of Laird Raceway, “is to remember that racing isn’t just for a certain type of person. It’s fun for the whole family.”