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Extend the life of your HVAC components

Why you should service your air conditioner before turning it on
Henderson Metal Spotlight Image_June 2021

Too many Canadians, climate change refers to the date they shut off their furnace and turn on their air conditioner. And while the switch may be necessary to deal with the often sudden arrival of hot weather in some parts of the country, firing up the air conditioner without a service check-up is not something advised by experienced HVAC experts. 

“They should really make sure they have someone service their air conditioner before they start it up,” said Kerri Fryia, General Manager of Henderson Metal in Sault Ste. Marie. “It could be out of gas. A lot of times they go to turn it on and forget the breaker’s off. They forget to take the cover off and that could blow the compressor. There are many reasons to book a service call.”

The impact of a well-maintained HVAC system is felt year-round, and having an air conditioning unit running at maximum efficiency all summer is key to ensuring indoor temperatures are properly balanced to suit the season. An HVAC system is also vital to maintaining healthy air quality, which is critical in times when airborne viruses are major concerns.  While Fryia suggests getting your air conditioner service booked before the rush is a good idea, she does caution is can’t be done too early. 

“You really have to wait until the temperature outside is warm enough to test it,” she said. “It’s best to wait until it’s at least 10 to 13 degrees outside. By the end of April into mid-May is really a good time to have it checked.”

Fryia says service comes in the form of a simple one hour preventative maintenance call. It starts with a check-up of the gas levels in the unit, which can naturally deplete over the course of the winter or after years of use, and to look for any system leaks.  All elements of the unit including the capacitor and compressor are thoroughly inspected, and a full check of the furnace is also completed.  

“Air conditioning is a component of the furnace,” she said. “They check it to make sure that the air conditioner is working in sync with the furnace. If not your cooling system won’t work as efficiently.”  

Besides helping your air conditioning unit run more efficiently, a proper service call could help extend the life of your unit according to Fryia. 

“An air conditioner should last 20 years if properly maintained,” she said. “It’s like everything else. The older the unit the less efficient they are. We only use them for about four months a year in most cases, so they can last with regular service.”

Fryia says it’s important to book prior to the busy summer months, especially if you’re living with anyone with respiratory conditions that can be amplified by hot summer weather. 

Henderson Metal services all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioning units. They are a Carrier dealer that also sells Mitsubishi ductless splits for duct-free homes with electric heat. For more information, call Henderson Metal at 705.949.7870, or email