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Everyone is invited to play Bocce at Rollers

Let the good times roll!
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The Marconi Cultural Event Centre (MCEC) is a household name in Sault Ste. Marie, providing a beautiful location, fine dining and quality service for all of your event needs since 1982. They are still committed as ever to upholding traditions but love to put a fresh and new spin on things. The Marconi you know and love was known for our outdoor bocce courts - you could always find members of G. Marconi and Elettra playing ‘til their heart's content.  

“We’ve taken that tradition and, well... rolled with it!”

Rollers Bocce has gone indoors and now offers three full-sized bocce courts. These are fully renovated, including brand new turf. This new space features surround sound to play your favourite tunes and HD TVs with live cameras for the optimal game experience.

On-site restaurant, Pallino’s offers your group everything needed to keep the party going - pizza, pasta, deli sandwiches or even a lunch buffet, plus a full bar menu.

“If you’re looking for something different, especially in the winter for those who aren’t too keen on outdoor activities, this is a great way to be social and active,” says Marconi Sales Manager, Elise Nelson. “This game has such deep traditional roots in Italian culture but we’re seeing people of all ages come in and they’re having a lot of fun with it.”

Gather your friends, bring your family, book a court and let the good times roll!

Not sure how to play? Want to book today?  We got you!

Get yourself started with a group of 4-8 of your closest (or most competitive!) friends, then head online to view live availability for court times or call 705-942-5556 to book. 

Be creative with getting your game started - drawing straws, an old fashioned coin toss or rock-paper-scissors all work to decide which team will kick things off by throwing the pallino (that’s the small white target ball).  That same team gets the first opportunity to throw their bocce ball, aiming to get as close to the pallino as possible. 

Team 2 now has to roll their ball to land closer to the pallino than Team 1.  They have up to 4 chances to do so.  Remember - underhand tosses only!

If they succeed, then the turn goes back to Team 1 to try oust their opponents. 
However, if they use all 4 bocce balls but do not get the closest position, then Team 1 will roll their remaining bocce balls to earn more points - they can earn up to 4 points per frame. 

To win the game, a team must have at least a 2-point lead when they reach the predetermined winning score.

“It definitely gets competitive!” says Nelson. “We sometimes hear groups all the way upstairs having a ball.  We’ve actually got a tournament coming up - I think it’ll be a stiff competition to see who gets crowned King of the Court”.  Bocce competitors can look forward to the first Rollers King of the Court Bocce Tournament on Saturday April 9th, which The Marconi has partnered with Kingsville Brewery to put on.

The team at The Marconi looks forward to welcoming old and new faces and invites all to join in their traditions, now with a new look!

The Marconi Cultural Event Centre is an iconic Sault Ste Marie establishment where all are welcome.  Enjoy tapas at Tempo, network with local businesses and enjoy a hot lunch at The Social , or bring your dining experience home with our full takeout menu.  Looking for a private event?  We have an extensive catering menu, full bar and decorating services available.  We are an accessible, inclusive and welcoming venue.  Learn more by visiting us online