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Estimated shortage of skilled trade positions imminent, some experts say

Now is the perfect time to look at skilled trades as a career, says Northern College

Each day, Canada awakes to the sound of progress as four million trades people do their part to keep our economy running.

From mining operations in Northern Ontario and the Pine forests of Northern BC, construction and the building and renewing of infrastructure in every major city and many small towns, tradespeople keep Canada operating and competing globally.  Even with a four million strong work force, however, Canada still needs more skilled tradespeople. And Northern College is hoping you will be one of them for your first or second (or third) career.

With experts forecasting an estimated shortage of 82,000 skilled trades positions by the end of this decade alone, now might be the perfect time to consider learning skilled trades from one of Ontario’s strongest trades trainers, Northern College.

Nestled in the heart of Ontario’s booming Northeast, Northern is a gateway to career success, placing you in the heart of one of the province’s largest precious metal resource industries, with countless career opportunities right here.

Northern College offers 22 strong engineering, trades and welding technology courses suited to whatever your career ambitions may be, providing you with a potent mix of theory-based courses as well as practical, hands-on experience.

Couple living and learning in the heart of Ontario’s industrialized and fast-paced but awe-inspiring North, you’ll find yourself right in the mix of awesome career potential along the disposable income you’ll make as a result as well as the boundless beauty of accessible breath-taking nature and traffic that actually moves and gets you somewhere, giving you the highest quality of life around as you make the most of what the north has to offer.

From fishing, to hunting and camping at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere, Northern College’s catchment region is an outdoors enthusiast’s playground, with endless miles of unique boreal forests teeming with wildlife, countless lakes and rivers and snowmobile trails that connect and invigorate community.

Do we have your attention yet?

Here is one of Northern’s fundamental educational principles: 

"We pride ourselves in connecting our students with seasoned, skilled and enthusiastic professors in an environment that encourages connection and promotes the kinds of first name relationships that create a lasting impression on students and the employers who hire them."

But the benefits to a Northern College trades education don’t stop there. Northern boasts a 100 per cent employer satisfaction rate, which means that grads of our programs not only find employment shortly after graduation; they meet and exceed the needs and expectations of employers, making them highly sought after. 

Northern College is home to industry leading, state-of-the-art applied research facilities which offer students and workplaces opportunities to work closely together to turn their brightest ideas and hunches into reality under the careful guidance of skilled professionals who will rigorously test those ideas and products until they meet industry standards.

Northern’s Innovation Hub is an advanced, high tech facility specifically designed to meet the innovation needs of industry, serving to connect student expertise with industrial partners seeking new ways to modernize their operations. 

Welding students are provided co-op opportunities to work closely with the Materials and Joining Innovation Centre to put the science of welding that they’ve learned in our classrooms and welding shops to the test and in doing so, aiding one of Canada’s most in-demand trades in remaining competitive.

"We could fill textbooks with all of the reasons a trades education at Northern is right for you," says Northern's admissions team. "But we’d much rather sit down with you and take the time to have a conversation about your hopes and dreams and how we can help you make them come true."

Visit for more information on what a Northern education has to offer or reach out to our admissions department at

At Northern College, we believe in, welcome, and look forward to hearing from you. We’re proud to be North and proud to be Northern, and we know you will be, too.