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CSC Nouvelon schools: where your child can learn, grow and thrive EN FRANÇAIS!

More than ever, parents choose a French-language Catholic school for their child.

More than ever, parents choose a French-language Catholic school for their child. At Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon (CSC Nouvelon), every student is provided with the learning tools and support required to graduate with a high level of bilingualism and a solid grasp of the French language. 

A high-level of bilingualism is a wonderful gift for a child’s future, opening doors to careers that are often out of reach for persons speaking only one language. In fact, employment rates in Canada are higher for those who speak both English and French, and bilingual employees on average earn a higher salary. 
Employees who master both of Canada’s official languages are also considered a great asset to employers, even in positions where French is not a requirement. Additionally, bilingual employees have access to a bigger job pool in Canada and abroad as they face very few language related barriers.

How can you ensure that your child can access all the benefits associated with a high level of bilingualism?

French-language Catholic schools can help your child excel and learn en français. CSC Nouvelon’s teaching staff will ensure that students develop the ability to write, read and understand French at an advanced level while also mastering English, allowing them to be fluent in both of Canada’s official languages upon graduation.

The benefits of attending a CSC Nouvelon school are incalculable. Students benefit from a full special needs program, a quality English-language program that starts in grade 4, a curriculum instilled with Catholic values, access to state-of-the-art learning technology and an environment that nurtures and promotes a sense of Francophone culture, pride and identity. CSC Nouvelon schools also lead to superior academic results and the highest graduation rate among all school boards in the districts of Sudbury, Manitoulin and Algoma.

For the little ones who will kick off their learning adventure this September, parents can count on the benefits of CSC Nouvelon’s full-time Kindergarten program. This proven program offered in a motivating and caring learning environment, encourages children’s spiritual, emotional, social and cultural development. It also promotes the student’s acquisition of the French language as well as academic success and cultural identity. In high school, your child will then be able to personalize their studies by participating in programs and activities of various fields based on their talents and interests. 

Even if you don’t speak French, your child may have a right to French-language education. CSC Nouvelon welcomes children of Canadian citizens or immigrants whose first language learned and still understood is French as well as children of Canadian citizens whose grandparents’ first language was French. Children from immigrant families where the parents speak neither French nor English are also eligible.

Registrations for the 2021-2022 school year are ongoing in a French-language Catholic school near you. Visit CSC Nouvelon’s website or contact the school directly to register your child from Kindergarten to Grade 12! Together, let’s learn something new!