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Clean the clutter during COVID and free up space

Just Junk can help bring peace of mind to property owners
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Jason Biggar. Source: Facebook

If there’s one benefit to being self-quarantined at home during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s that many people are completing chores and projects they never had time for before the lockdown. 

On the other hand, some home and business owners are now realizing they’ve got a massive amount of junk taking up valuable space on their properties, and the thought of removing it all can often seem overwhelming. 

When the time comes to take a proactive approach to your junk removal in Sault Ste. Marie, one of the best options is contracting the help of professional junk removal companies. Just Junk is a full-service company that removes junk and clutter for both residential and commercial customers. Local owner Jason Biggar said it’s not uncommon for people who want to clear out their useless junk to be initially overwhelmed by the thought of the work. 

“I tell everybody if it seems overwhelming before you even get started, have us come over,” said Biggar, who said he’s noticed an increase in debris being generated from homeowner renovations being undertaken during the COVID-19 crisis. “Our job is to make your job easier. I’ll take a walk through the house, and help you determine the best ways to decide what to keep and what to throw out.”

Once contracted to complete your junk removal project, Bigger and his team at Just Junk will show up, complete the removal of all the junk you want to be taken from your property, and transport it to the appropriate site. Property owners don’t have to lift a finger, and Just Junk even covers any related dump fees. 

Another important aspect of Just Junk’s service is their effort to recycle as much discarded junk and debris as they can. Biggar says implementing green measures is simply good business. 

“Our motto at Just Junk is reuse and recycle,” said Biggar. “We donate as much as we can, and we recycle as much as we can. We’ve got great relationships with the Kidney Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. We recycle everything from computers to metal to cardboard. It’s not only good for the environment, but it also saves money on dump fees.”

With social distancing concerns on the minds of most homeowners, taking on the task of decluttering is also a common option for DIY types looking to clear out space. For such motivated individuals, Just Junk offers a home decluttering checklist that helps better organize the process by methodically going room by room. 

“One of the things we suggest when doing a full-scale decluttering is to clean out one bedroom completely,” said Biggar.  “As you go through the house, anything you want to keep goes into that bedroom. For bigger items, we suggest putting a sticker on it. The rest of the house we can go through and remove all the unwanted items.”

Download the decluttering checklist here 

Big items like non-functioning hot tubs, old fitness equipment, unwanted furnishing and renovation waste are all items that can be targeted for removal by a junk removal service like Just Junk. Biggar says businesses that have basements or attics full of outdated items should also consider the benefits of decluttering. 

“Businesses are starting to recognize the value of hiring our service. Ultimately, we can remove anything people want to be removed.” 

For more information or to book your junk removal today, visit Just Junk Sault Ste. Marie online.