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Ask Jocelyn: Should I consider a professional installer?

When hiring a pro makes more sense than going the DIY route
To DIY or not to DIY? Sault Ste. Marie's Heritage Home Hardware Building Centre home installation specialist, Jocelyn will help you weigh the options for your next project. (Supplied photo)

We all like to think of ourselves as capable, ready to take on the next big home project, no matter what it may be. We may be in such a rush to get things done that we don’t always think every step through.

But are we giving these home reno projects careful thought? Have we truly considered everything that will be required in order for them to be successful?

Sault Ste. Marie Heritage Home Hardware expert  Jocelyn has advice for homeowners who are on the fence about whether they can DIY their way through their next big installation project or if they should hire a professional to do the work.

She is firmly on the side of hiring a pro—and some of her reasons may surprise you.

Professional home installations come with a long list of positives, says Jocelyn. First and foremost, by doing so you are supporting a local, family-owned business. Every Home Hardware store is just that, and as owners with deep roots in their communities, they care about individual homeowners and the success of their projects.  You’ll get the same friendly service and top-quality products that they have in their stores when you take advantage of their popular Home Installs program. This means you can trust the installer who will be coming into your home and have peace of mind that the job will be done well.

Another advantage is that you’re getting the personal touch. You won’t have to worry about going back and forth with multiple people trying to arrange the details of your installation. There will be no more lost time or frustration. You’ll work with just one Home Install professional from start to finish, and they will take care of every single step along the way.  They come to your home to take initial measurements, return to perform the installation and when the project is finished, they will perform a thorough clean-up of the work site after they are done. 

Surprises can be great, but not when it comes to work being done on your home. There are no surprises and no hidden costs when you book the services of a professional home installer. They are reliable, insured and committed to quality workmanship. Every installer adheres to or exceeds all local building codes and regulations. Your job will also be completed with minimal inconvenience to your family. 

Renovations can actually be relaxing and satisfying; that is, if you book the services of Canada’s Project Experts and take advantage of the Home Installs program. 

The step-by-step process

This starts with a no-charge at-home consultation. You can rest assured; your (home installer) Home Hardware Estimator will take responsibility for complete and accurate measurements. 

Another huge benefit to working with the Pros?  You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off. Staff will listen to and identify your needs and tastes, and help you make the right decisions when it comes to design options and product choice.

You’ll also know where you stand at every point along the way. They will provide you with a detailed, written proposal, which will include the price of the project and the estimated completion date.  It’s a level of accountability that brings great peace of mind.

Your delivery will be scheduled and the installation supervised by insured and qualified local installers. After, they will follow up on your project once it has been completed, to ensure your satisfaction with the job.

Let’s face it, few who have gone through a renovation would describe it as a wonderful and painless experience. But when you work with the Home Installs program, that’s what you have to look forward to. You are guaranteed to have a superior customer experience.

Take control of your to-do list and make the home reno process as smooth and seamless as possible. For more information or to request a quote, visit Heritage Home Hardware or call 705-759-5101.