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Two baby peregrine falcons spotted in bridge nest (3 photos)

Two feathery babies hatched, three eggs were spotted on May 6

The International Bridge peregrine falcons are now parents to at least two chicks, according to a tweet posted by the International Bridge Administration (IBA).

Mom can be seen feeding at least two babies in still photos taken from the camera installed near the nest.

The IBA reported on May 6 that the falcons, who had nested last year in the same spot, returned to a specialized box atop the International Bridge spanning the St. Marys River between the U.S. and Canada.

At least three eggs could be spotted on the live video stream 'FalCam', which was installed by the IBA several years ago so that avid bird watchers could keep an eye on the nest box.

Nest boxes have been installed on the U.S. and Canadian arches of the bridge since 2010, but peregrine falcons, listed as an endangered species in Michigan, have been active in the area since 1999.