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VIDEO: On the last day of Christmas, watch as we shock local shoppers at the checkout

To wrap up SooToday’s 12 Days (plus a few extras!) of Christmas, we surprise people by buying their groceries

To wrap up this year’s 12 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness series, we visit Joe's No Frills and Pino’s Get Fresh to pick up the tab for local shoppers. 

Watch as we surprise shocked recipients at the checkout!

A big thank you to our anonymous sponsor for helping make this Random Act of Kindness possible and thank you as well to all of our sponsors, nominators, recipients and readers for making our 10th year of surprises so special. Until next year!

Do you want to help us give back through this program? Email us at [email protected]


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Sheridan Worth, Community Cares team

About the Author: Sheridan Worth, Community Cares team

Sheridan is the Digitial Media Specialist and member of the Village Media Cares Team, whose mission is to create meaningful, long-lasting and positive change in the communities we serve.
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