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Poll Results

What U.S treat would you most like to munch or sip on while sitting in bridge traffic this summer?

Flavours of Mountain Dew that are unfathomable in Canada 0 votes 0.00 %

Oreos. They have fruit punch and root beer flavours! 0 votes 0.00 %

Chicago mix. It is just better from the U.S 1 vote 100.00 %

The most sugary cereal (Coco Dyno-Bites, Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, as long as it hurts my teeth, I will be happy) 0 votes 0.00 %

All the Combos you can imagine 0 votes 0.00 %

Chex mix for me 0 votes 0.00 %

As many PayDay candy bars as I can possibly bring over 0 votes 0.00 %

Sour Patch Kids gum 0 votes 0.00 %

Total votes: 1


The poll is an unscientific sampling of public opinion intended solely to allow our readers to express themselves on issues of the day. Its findings may not be representative of the general population of Sault Ste. Marie or other areas.