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Main Contacts

For the fastest response, please send us an email.
Phone lines are monitored Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.
Due to staff working from home, calls may go to voicemail.

News Desk - Speak with a local reporter
705-759-3266 option 2

Advertising - Promote your local business with us!
705-759-3266 option 8

Reader Support Help with login, classifieds, auctions, membership, etc.
705-759-3266 option 1

Accounting - Advertiser invoicing and Vendor support
705-759-3266 option 7


Sault Ste. Marie's Largest News Room

Frank Rupnik, Community Editor
705-759-3266 ext 1234

David Helwig, Reporter
705-759-3266 ext 1150

Darren Taylor, Reporter
705-759-3266 ext 1116

James Hopkin, Reporter
705-759-3266 ext 1151

Brad Coccimiglio, Reporter
705-759-3266 ext 1117

Ken Armstrong, Reporter
705-759-3266 ext 1115

Drew Armstrong, Videographer
705-759-3266 ext. 1139

Donna Hopper, Desk Editor
705-759-3266 ext. 1114

Kylee Garson, Content Administrator
705-759-3266 ext. 1152

Zaafina Naqvi, Assistant Desk Editor
705-759-3266 ext. 1201

Megan Pounder, Assistant Desk Editor
705-759-3266 ext. 1196

Amanda Rabski-McColl, Assistant Desk Editor
705-759-3266 ext. 1232

Michael Purvis, Managing Editor
705-759-3266 ext. 1120


Nelda Rimmer, Sales Manager
705-759-3266 ext. 1148

Rob Speers, Account Executive
705-759-3266 ext. 1131

Stan Trecroce, Account Executive
705-759-3266 ext. 1130

Village Media Headquarters

Village Media Inc.
298 Queen St. E.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6A 1Y7


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