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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Sault Ste Marie, Ont.,

Police were forced to use pepper spray last night to subdue a man who was involved in a violent confrontation with three other people.

Members of the Batchawana First Nation Police, OPP and Anishinabek Police responded to a call on the Rankin First Nation Territory where a man was alleged to have almost rammed an apartment building with a pick up truck. Words were exchanged with the occupants of the apartment and the suspect left the scene.

He returned a short time later and almost ran into the apartment building again. The suspect then got out of his truck, forced his was into the apartment and assaulted several people in the apartment. He then left the scene prior to police arrival.

Police located his vehicle in the city and while police were at the truck, the accused came out of a residence and charge at police. Officers then made repeated demands of the man to stop. Officers had to use pepper spray to stop the man.