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Five fatalities, over 6,300 traffic charges in OPP jurisdictions over long weekend

2021-05-20 OPP cruiser

The Ontario Provincial Police were busy over the long weekend across the province.

The weekend saw five fatalities in OPP jurisdictions as well as a high number of charges for various offences.

Patrolling the roadways, trails, and waterways in Ontario, the OPP laid just over 6,000 charges over the weekend.

Following is a full release from the OPP:

A motor vehicle driver, a motorcyclist, two off-roaders and a kayaker lost their lives in separate incidents over the Civic holiday weekend, making it the most tragic long weekend of the year on Ontario Provincial Police-patrolled roads, trails and waterways.

The incidents mark the 145th vehicle occupant, 20th motorcyclist, 18th boater and 10th off-road vehicle rider deaths of the year in OPP jurisdictions.

Officers were kept busy throughout the weekend, laying 6,340 charges on roads, waterways and trails. 

Aggressive drivers posed a significant risk on highways and roads with 4,117 speeding offence notices issued and 116 stunt/racing charges laid between Friday afternoon and Monday at midnight (July 30 - Aug. 2, 2021).  

Officers issued 126 offence notices to drivers who failed to slow down and/or move over for emergency vehicles and tow trucks parked on the roadside while providing assistance to motorists.

Among the offences were 199 seat belt, 95 alcohol/drug-impaired and 83 distracted driving charges, as well as 51 marine-related and 37 off-road vehicle-related charges.  

The OPP is reminding citizens of the important role they play in saving lives by keeping themselves, their loved ones and fellow Ontarians safe while out on our roads, waterways and trails.