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Unique program wants to get you employed

It provides on-the-job training and job coaching
Enzo Palumbo and MP Terry Sheehan

Career Evolution – Point North is a recruitment, staffing, and consulting service, serving Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma since July 1, 2018. Career Evolution – Point North specializes in the trades and apprenticeships, as well as a variety of other employment opportunities. Its goal is to foster fairness amongst employers and employees and to provide guaranteed, life-long, employment opportunities to job seekers and provide employers with committed, mature, and responsible employees.

Career Evolution – Point North offers job seekers guaranteed, life-long, career opportunities. Job seekers will be provided with an in-depth career action plan and matched with a business that aligns with their skill-set and interests. Job coaching is provided to establish retention and develop a strong work ethic, and on-the-job training ensures that employees know their employer’s expectations and how to perform their day-to-day activities properly. Exclusive training and workshops on real-world subjects are also provided to make job seekers more marketable to employers. Topics such as health and safety, financial planning and budgeting, how to work within a union, guidance on self-employment start-up, healthy living, and more are offered.

For those considering going back to school, reengagement plans for education, whether secondary or post-secondary, can be developed to establish a path that guarantees employment. For those individuals who are new to Canada, or even new to the region, an in-depth orientation on housing, community, lifestyle adaptation, dealing with the weather, and more can be provided.

A learning environment relevant to the needs of the employer is co-created, and six months of employee job coaching and on-the-job training is provided. Career Evolution – Point North also facilitates hiring incentives, signing bonuses, training grants, and apprenticeship applications through employment-related service providers to offset the cost of hiring new employees.

We are geared to meet your potential. If you are a job seeker or employer interested in the Career Evolution – Point North system, please contact the Intake Officer at Career Evolution – Point North will begin accepting pre-screening applications via e-mail on July 5, 2019.