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Third year child and youth care students support Soup Kitchen

For third year students, organizing this event highlighted the importance of their learning and work
Left to right: Holly Gregory, Donna Mansfield, Ron Sim, Alyssa Spina

Each year, Sault College’s third year Child and Youth Care (CYC) students host the “We All Love Kids” (W.A.L.K) fundraiser in support of local organizations. This year’s class collaborated to raise funds for the local Soup Kitchen, which will assist them in offering a fun and safe children’s summer program called a ‘Summer to Remember’. The virtual auction took place April 18-20 and raised more than $5,800, which was presented to the Soup Kitchen earlier this month.

The success of this year’s event was propelled by a strong collaboration of supporters, including the Michael Peever’s Auction, the Algoma Leadership Team, Sault College, and the many local businesses that donated to the virtual auction.

“I would like to thank the third year students from the Child and Youth Care program for choosing the Soup Kitchen to be the recipient of the funds that they raised through their annual W.A.L.K. These funds will ensure that our children’s program participants will have a ‘Summer to Remember,” said Ron Sim, General Manager, Soup Kitchen.

“We are so proud of our graduating class for organizing another successful fundraising campaign,” said Donna Mansfield, Professor, Child and Youth Care, Sault College. “The students used their learning and skills and remained focus on ensuring the success of this event. Sault College is grateful to all those who helped make this event possible through various means. Our community has and continues to support our students and this year was no exception,” Donna added.

For third year students, organizing this event highlighted the importance of their learning and work and how these can positively impact others. “Doing the W.A.L.K virtually and being able to help support the Soup Kitchen was an amazing experience that made me see the need in our community and want to be more involved. Helping a local organization is something I hope everyone gets/takes the time to do in their life. It truly is rewarding for all,” added Alyssa Spina, CYC student.

This event showcased how collaboration, dedication and strong commitment can lead to amazing results. Congratulations to everyone involved!