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Local health and safety trainers receive five-star safety rating award

Louise Caicco Tett and Sandy Mayers Ibbitson have been rated as 5-Star Safety trainers
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Health & Safety Professional Inc. has been named a winner of the 2021 5-Star Safety Trainers Award. Both Louise Caicco Tett and Sandy Mayers Ibbitson have been rated as 5-Star Safety trainers for providing excellent quality health & safety training to their clients. To receive this award, researchers at Canadian Occupational Safety conducted in-depth interviews and surveys from customers to identify trainers that excelled in their fields.

The past year and a half has been a challenging time for many, especially small businesses. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors forever; however, there were some that were able to take this challenging time and create exciting new opportunities. Health & Safety Professionals Inc (HSPI) is one such small business that turned the challenge of the pandemic into an opportunity to make workplace safety training more accessible than ever. The pandemic highlighted gaps in occupational health and safety and HSPI understood the importance of continuing training sessions at a time where in-person classrooms were no longer safe. Through meticulous planning, HSPI was able to seamlessly switch from in-person classes to a completely virtual learning format with online registration.

HSPI’s success is due to the continuous effort and commitment displayed over the past 25 years from their founder, Louise Caicco Tett, and their lead facilitator, Sandy Ibbitson. This deep commitment to putting customers first through providing exceptional workplace health and safety training was recognized when HSPI won the Customer First Award at the 2021 Chamber of Commerce Awards.

HSPI’s outstanding work was further recognized when they were named a winner of the Canadian Occupational Safety 5-Star Trainer Awards. "It is such a pleasure to teach alongside Sandy. She deserves to be recognized as one of the best trainers in Canada. COS has recognized us three times over. Sandy, myself, and Health & Safety Professionals Inc. This is quite an honour" says Louise Caicco Tett, President HSPI.

Sandy Mayers Ibbitson says “I am absolutely thrilled to be receiving this award. HSPI has always been dedicated to reducing injuries both on and off the job by making human factors more understandable, safety training more personable, and giving organizations around Ontario a more engaging and useful approach to keeping people safe”

Anyone who has taken a training course with Sandy knows that her ability to engage a classroom is second to none. From health and safety beginners to more experienced individuals, everyone leaves her classroom with practical knowledge that can be applied to a variety of workplace scenarios. Sandy got her start teaching in adult learning principles in the early 80s and now has 30 years of experience as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. Sandy’s wealth of knowledge on the Occupational Health and Safety Act shines through when she’s teaching, as does her ability to put trainees at ease with the more difficult concepts with examples from her experiences with municipalities, mines, and construction. HSPI has a vault full of positive evaluations. One such comment is “Sandy is a 6th degree black belt in soft skills which makes her an excellent trainer.”

The 5-Star Rating Award is a huge accomplishment for HSPI and with Louise and Sandy both rated as 5-Star trainers, it opens up new business opportunities and increases credibility within the health and safety training community. Both Louise and Sandy look forward to another exciting year of providing exceptional training to HSPI’s clients.