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Help your children and their friends be bully proof this summer

The Legion Hap Ki Do Club offers two months of training for up to 30 young people
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Bully proofing is vital for our kids, and a good program may well save a life.  At the Legion Hap Ki Do Club, we understand that a one hour workshop simply won’t be effective as a worth while bully proofing program. Kids will simply not be able to remember enough of it to be of any use; so, as a public service, we decided to offer a full two month Summer Camp with a focus on Bully-Proofing and fun.  

We have a great team of highly qualified Instructors, and the program is under the supervision of Head Instructor Rudy W. Timmerman. Grandmaster Timmerman has a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Recreation, and he has nearly 70 years experience in martial arts.

We thank the Legion, Branch 25 for their continued support of our programs, and we are excited to help make the Sault a better place to live.  There is a small fee; however, if you are unable to pay the very small fee we charge for this particular program, please let us know. 

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 -7 p.m., and our program runs from July 2 until Aug. 29.  This program is best suited for children age eight and up; however, we are flexible when it comes to age… especially when it comes to allowing a family to train together. We have room for about 30 kids, and we accept registrations on a first come basis. Contact Grand Master Timmerman at for more information or to register.

The Legion Hap Ki Do Club is 100 per cent non profit, and all our instructors volunteer their services in order to make a difference in our city.  

All dues collected are donated to the Legion, Branch 25 to help them with the cost of the many great programs they deliver to our citizens. Recently, we presented three very successful women self defence workshops, and now we think it is high time for a solid bully-proofing program for our children. Parents who wish to train with their children are welcome to train free of charge.

33 per cent of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month during the school year (National Centre for Educational Statistics, 2016). Too many of these cases end in tragedy that is simply unimaginable, and something has to be done to put an end to the tormenting of our young people.   

The Instructors at the Legion Hap Ki Do Club are eager to do the job, and now we ask you to do something good for your children or grand children and their friends. Again, we only have room for about 30 kids, and we accept registrations on a first come basis.

Check out this link and learn a bit more about the problems our kids have to deal with.