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TELL US ABOUT IT: What's your pandemic passion project?

Accomplished, planned or hypothetical, we want to hear about it
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As of today we have 8 weeks to go before we hit the one-year mark from the first day of the COVID-19 state of emergency in this province.

We kinda hate to even bring it up, since for a lot of us it hasn't been easy.

For some though, it has been a time to embrace self-discovery, a time to take on a new passion project, to turn their efforts to accomplishing or learning something new.

Last week we told you about a local runner who has laced up every day during the pandemic and even went to the trouble of creating his own marathon when the ones he was looking forward to were cancelled.

Then there are the volunteers who turned their efforts to responding to the early mask shortage

The artists, who wrote books, who found new ways to entertain, who stayed positive by looking back on the good old days when live music could still be performed.

According to a paper written by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, there's healing and relief in meaningful activities done during stressful times.

If you took that advice to heart, we'd love to hear about it. Or if you have a new idea that you're pursuing, that's great too! Or if this is entirely hypothetical because you're busy working/taking care of family/just keeping it together, that's an accomplishment in itself these days.

What's your favourite pandemic passion project idea? Tell us in the poll below.

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